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@khronikos: Here's something I learned a really long time ago and you would be wise to learn it as well: fuck NeoGaf.

I used to think there was something special about the 'Gaf. Hell, when 1upYours was a big deal and relevant Garnett Lee would take 90% of the questions on the show from NeoGaf, sometimes completely ignoring the community that they were allegedly attempting to foster. Then I started reading NeoGaf and figured out it was the video game equivalent of the Aint It Cool News comment section and forums.

You're better off not going there, but I don't understand why you would come to one community seemingly with the only intention of talking about another community.

There's some trash in the GiantBomb community, but our amazing mods and community eventually make it where the trash takes itself out or we never really have to deal with it. I have only positive things to say about the Duders here. I don't want to come off as overtly negative, so I will say I hope you enjoy your stay here and find a welcoming community. Also, stay away from NeoGaf. They only people who love the Gaf are people who think they are in an exclusive club ONLY because some developers post there.

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Here's some real talk: Geoff Keighley was the worst part about that show. He kept blowing Mchale's spots, he reacted weird to every segment, and he has this crunchy coated covering that comes off as the fabricated BS that it is. I know he's making television but he comes off so incredibly fake its painful. Even Joe Mchale made comments about it!

Pewdiepie is the worst thing Youtube has ever produced. That segment was terrible, his shtick is terrible, and they should have just gotten Francis for a segment if they needed some "Youtube cred".

The "new" spots for Destiny and The Division and were everything but new. I don't recall a single spot of new footage and those were the two games I was specifically tuning in for.

Everything about the rap segment and everyone involved was a complete mess. Gametrailers needs to get their shit together as every broadcast of theirs that I have seen is terrible produced and most of the on camera "talent" seems to have no idea what is going on. All of those rappers were completely insufferable, in my opinion.

That being said, Joe Mchale was the best part about the show...outside of No Man's Sky.

Also, Pewdiepie is god awful. Even my wife came into the room to comment about how annoying the "doucher" on the screen was. I've never heard her call anyone that and I doubt I ever will again. Congrats, pewdiepie.

@hatking I totally agree. Geoff Keighley butchered every segway and upcoming spot that even Joe made reference to it a couple of times. Geoff Keighley comes off as one of the most soulless and uninteresting people in this industry. Is that really the case? I don't know, I am sure he is a great person but his on camera persona is lifeless and shallow. This is why people clung to the "Doritos and Mountain Dew Pope" pics so hard...because it feels so real.

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@lordjezo: its an OS with no reasonable improvement to 7 and the speed is only there because of everything its not loading at startup...because its an OS designed from the ground up for tablets.

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Sure, why not. I wonder if they plan on charging $60 for it. I liked the game enough to play through it again.

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So, can you upgrade your spaceship or just make stuff on the planets themselves?

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Yeah kind of crazy he passes in the year of Luigi

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@doctorchimp: Yeah, I like Pathfinder. The script is a bit thin but he's amazing and the action is great.

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Yeah, this stuff will be up on the week they are on vacation. We'll get normal stuff the week of and then the podcasts and videos will roll the week they are out.

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I LOVE Karl Urban, but this movie is what it is; B movie with a budget. The Rock's "Semper fi" line makes me laugh every time.

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@rebel_scum: The difference is he is doing all this crap while in office. Also, it is not just drug use its inappropriate behavior, corruption charges, drinking while driving, and possibly sexual harassment. I wish we demanded more of public officials and civil servants.