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I would be very surprised to see a PS3 bundle with The Last of Us, but I could be wrong. Hard to say as bundles can be a dime a dozen. Look around and see if there are any that catch your eye with a particular game. Remember to buy an HDMI on amazon when you get one. You should be able to get a high quality HDMI for under $5.

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@phrosnite: because she has an interesting back story and she's just as good as other characters if you bother to flesh her out.

Not sure how people made such bad decisions in the last part of the game. If Miranda took a bullet to the head then that means she was put in charge of the strike team guarding the door...seriously...why would you do that anyway?

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@LaserLambert: its random and in a pack, so the chances that you get something similar is incredibly low. Also, as I said, you can spend 120 microsoft points or you can play 3 games on silver. Not a big deal.

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@Jayzilla: What does this have to do with the multiplayer...I don't want this thread hijacked with more BS about the "on-disc DLC/Day one DLC" garbage...that's an entirely different argument and beast all together.

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@fox01313: and that's actually gross. You are spending money on items that effect a COMPETITIVE game that gives you an edge over real people because of your laziness and something others at the same skill and level wouldn't have access to through normal play.

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@andriv: Except they don't block off the in game currency by trickle feeding it to you like they do in League of Legends, Super Monday Night Combat, or anything else. They give them to you rather liberally.

@Jake_K: Huh? High prices? 120 points is a high price for someone to pay for their laziness?

@MikkaQ: You are paying for a risk reward, just like with in game currency. IF someone is stupid enough to think they need to spend $10 on the stuff, like Jeff did, then it is their fault. Jeff is the same guy who acts very...loosely with his money. Skylanders...'nuff said.

I think its weird to have an attitude that something that doesn't effect ANYTHING gets so much hate from people.

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@andriv: if anything it says more about the players who spend the money on these things that the company providing the service. Again, if you play 2-3 games on silver and you have more than enough in game currency to buy these things. I don't think it cheapens anything or makes it feel like a "phone game". Also, when the game isn't competitive multiplayer buying packs that give RANDOM items doesn't change the game at all.

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So after listening to the last 2 podcasts and several supplemental things it seems like Jeff thinks negatively of the fact you can use Microsoft points to purchase the loot packs, but you can use the easily obtained in game currency to buy those...Why is it a big deal? Personally, I had about 180 or 190 random points I was tired of always showing up on my balance so I used them for 2 spectre packs but I didn't feel like I ever needed too.

Does anyone else feel that this optional ability to purchase in game content for you multiplayer characters is that dastardly or sickening? I don't see the big deal.

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I've wanted a portable version of the stuff since ME1....I don't care about the questing stuff so much as the information.

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Helping sick kids is great. Still whining like an entitled brat is not. I'm going to say this is bad as well. Get the hell over it and go read a book, and the ME books don't count.

@Clonedzero: Guess what? Fallout 3's new ending sucked, so yeah.