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@ProfessorEss: meh, I used to work at two different Gamestop branches and it all depended which part of town you were on. the gamestop at the mall had trade ins that mostly went to reserves and new titles. At the Gamestop on the poorer side of town, people not only traded in games for the bargain bin products that was also where they bought games mostly. I can understand their sympathies but yeah...

@rebgav: The housing market is based on fluctuations, market value, and many other things. Houses can go for considerably more or less than they were initially purchased for. As I stated above, the Gamestop I worked at on the poorer side of the town really sold only used stuff as they could only afford it. I think these developers need to learn how to make better games for cheaper. We already know the $60 price tag was full of crap as Activision started it to see if they could get away with it and then everyone else followed them. Even PC games now are going $60...for no damned reason; its all garbage and I will gladly side with the consumer any day over EA, Activision, or you name it.

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I agree $60 is too expensive for most games, but game budgets are also a little over the top.

Why is it that video games are singled out for second hand sales? Books, cars, homes, boats, tools, CDs, DVDs, you name it...all of these are bought and sold second hand with no real care...but video games? Stop the presses!

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The inner Resistance 3 artwork is nice too...minimalistic version of the regular cover art...I switched it the second I opened te case and saw it.

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@Hizang: I don't see a reason to use my 360 headset 90% of the time honestly.

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Honestly, screw my 3ds at this point. All i care about is the Vita now.

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Meh and MSNBC does stupid stuff too; all TV news sucks.

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@Icicle7x3: That would be pretty fun. If any 360 players of W40K wanna get together for a game night I'm down. Multiplayer is pretty great in my opinion.

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@Buzzkill: Hella broken? Ummm no? Not sure what forum posts your reading, but I played 5 hours of the game last night/this morning and had no issues in single or multiplayer. Customization awesome are amazing too but they take some work to get.

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I just started playing both...and love them both. Anyone else for a TNT for these two games?

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meh, only 15