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@Pinworm45: and its 2012. I don't let any developer get away with that excuse. That's why you 1.) beta stress test 2.) over lease server space as you KNOW at least how many people will be on the first week. I've played games with larger player counts and bigger maps with less lag, frame rate drop, and server issues.

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I don't know. I know that launch night my friend and I went through on co-op and beat the game straight through on heroic. When we were finished it didn't count that we played and beat Chapter 5 or Chapter 8. We had to go back through both from the beginning on heroic for it to count. We never exited the game or exited the single player, so I have no idea what happened there.

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I also hate how they have modeled the shield/no shield animations as its never fully clear when they have 0 shields and when their shield is out or recharging.

@laserbolts: I get killcams 3/4 of the time but I've noticed that sometimes I don't get them; it also depends, I think, on what mode you are playing.

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I would completely disagree that this campaign is any more better paced than the rest. Look at Halo: Reach has almost a similar pace as well as levels almost modeled exactly the same. I wouldn't same the art style was any better, only that you are on a forerunner planet for 3/4 of the game. I also don't think there's anything between Chief and Cortana that hasn't been there before, only instead of subtle dialogue between the two they decide to spell everything out. Don't confuse exposition with detail. I would say in terms of designing the Spartan IV armor in comparison to the rest in the series is inherently uglier. The story in general does nothing, explains nothing, and boils down to nothing more than you fight the Covenant some more and there's a bad guy who in gameplay terms does nothing to the series. You could have substituted any character, macguffin, or enemy in his place and it wouldn't have effected the story one way or another.

I'll also reiterate the pacing is no worse or better than other games in the franchise: its the same. What is an example of the past games padding out the series with reused content or repetitive content? They are paced the exact same way. I also don't understand your correlation with the sandbox designer moving away from feature creep. Don't you mean the creative director? Sandbox designer would have been the single player and its just as good, or bad, as the other games in the series.

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Then you aren't playing the multiplayer, unfortunately. Absolutely dumb, yeah. Even dumber is the fact the game has frame rate issues either way.

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Feels about the same, in my opinion. Even the pacing is about the same. I think Halo 1 has the worst overall pace which can make it feel longer. Halo 3 probably is the shortest.

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Unfortunately it falls apart before its even made. Especially considering this is on a website dedicated to video games...

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I don't like the speed of the new melee. I don't like how the controller sensitivity settings seems incredibly loose, no matter what you set it at. Of course I am comparing this to past Halo games, but still. The only mp map I think I actually like is Adrift. I don't like the unlock progression system as I feel those of this nature are unbalanced for lower levels. I don't like the matchmaking system. I don't like the fact almost everything in the MP is behind a progression wall or requires you to master accommodations to get armor. I think almost all of the "new" armor looks terrible. I don't know what it is about it, some of it I do know as they've redone existing armor types...either way, I find it all ugly. I don't like the fact that it feels like are weird latency issues with the game where the speed of the game feels wildly different going from 4/4 matches to 5/5 matches. I hate the increased amount of 1 hit kill weapons in the game. I could keep going on but it would be monotonous.

That isn't even my complaints about the lackluster sp campaign or the boring Spartan Ops.

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Unfortuantely, unlike Treyarch, 343i hasn't done anything interesting or original with the series but merely decided to copy from other games and series. I think its a wild overstatement to say that 343i is setting new spectacular standards unless those standards have something to do with shit drying on a sidewalk.

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I never seemed to have problems with them, at least with the last 3 Call of Duty games. Especially this wildly inaccurate. Literally, 2-3" away from my character's body.