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yeah, its probably not going to go least on its initial attempt. I threw some money at it a while back but its been a slow burn even with all the awesome information regarding it and the stuff they are going to do/want to do with it.

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@TheKramer89: lol, what comment?

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So it seems that anytime Asura's Wrath is brought up Jeff makes a comment about the game does what anime does all the time: sell the true, or real, ending to the anime separately months later. Now, I don't buy anime all the time nor do I keep up with every anime made, but this comment consistently makes me scratch my head. From what I can tell, at least from all the anime I've seen and own, this really isn't the case. The sell the anime just like television shows, in series, or if its a movie it will be by itself. You might have an OVA a while down the road but that's not really an ending, let a lone a true ending. Hell, sometimes an OVA is a remake of the show (like with the Hellsing Ultimate OVA). Considering I knew he's mentioned at least 3-4 times it just kind of blew my mind in a way that made me wonder if I was just clueless to how anime is sold now. I know the last bit of anime I purchased for my wife for Christmas and it was just like I remembered it when I bought it for myself: a boxed set of the series.

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Why would you need to log into Home for a Microsoft press conference.

Also, do you have to pay for XBox Live GOLD for Microsoft to tell you how awesome XBox is for an hour?

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A company that finds something successful and does iterate on the formula. Also a company that people buy games from no matter what.

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While I read the reviews, I don't really come to the site for them (or anywhere for that matter).

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I do think there is something to the fact that we can say things extremely offensive to people of faith or say c*nt but that when it comes to other things we are all on glass about it. Then again, rules are rules and if you post on the forums you should follow them.

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No big deal man.

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Heaven forbid a game be about having fun and not about pretentious preachy bullshit...

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Starhawk or Dragon's Dogma. Wait let me rephrase that...Starhawk AND Dragon's Dogma.