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lol, this is completely ridiculous.  Bungie already goes above and beyond in terms of stat tracking on their website.  This is just a money grab from Activision and them try to inch towards "You us for separately, and expensively, for both single and multiplayer".  Though I'd say I wish they'd fail I don't buy COD games anymore so I couldn't care less.  

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No dumber than any other video game console or handheld name.  "X-Box"  "Gamecube" "DS".  Yeah, they are all pretty stupid.

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This is still a story?  Seriously...E3's coming one cares about Congress wasting tax payers time.

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I was wondering the same thing.... 
about why you would need to renew already...

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I don't expect it to be up anytime before next Friday.

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What a stunning konclusion to a konundrum that I full expect to kome about anytime during this gaming kylcle...ok maybe cycle doesn't work so well with a K at the front...forget this I'm done.

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How about adding trophies to MGS4 please.

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This is actually how I feel about new consoles and hardware.  I'm at the point where for graphics I think I am OK.  A studio can make some amazing games for consoles if they actually work hard to do it, but many don't (or the simply don't have the budget).  Give me more games not more junk.

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Hopefully they retool or complete redo the mechanics of the games...the games are too easy, as linear as you can get, and are way overpriced.  Also the humor was a huge letdown.

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Pretty excited for this the setting and the art design.