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@JoeyRavn:  What would a saint walker game entail?  Just one long conversation and an elephant floating around behind you?
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@texaseanacre: Looks like God of War actually.  You can unlock new constructs to use for your combos.  I am toying with buying it because of the $20 amazon credit.
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I don't see the need to make the Penguin darker.  Just use the Paul Dinni Penguin that he was using in Streets of Gotham and it will be perfect.  Same for Catwoman.  

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@tunaburn: If you redeemed your pass online before the outage it doesn't matter yeah...but if you bought the game used, have bought the game since the outage, or even didn't have time to enter it this is extremely helpful as a trial only lasts 48 hours.  I still don't think you fully read the post but whatever.
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@tunaburn:  As it says when you read that...which if you have the game it doesn't yeah.  Way to contribute. 
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Sony has officially announced that until the PSN store is back online they are taking away the need to use kombat codes for Mortal Kombat.  When the store comes back up the 48 hour trials will restart.  Great news for anyone who never had a chance to enter theirs!

Due to the recent PSN outage, Mortal Kombat for PS3 will now be playable online without need for the Kombat Pass. This is a temporary solution that will only be available while PlayStation Store is unavailable. Once PlayStation Store is back up, users will have access to the 48 hour free trial and will be able to purchase a Kombat Pass for $9.99.
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My stats haven't updated from my 5/1 several days ago.  I think their netcode and servers are borked...hope they work on a total fix as its not like this game is crap or something...

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I'm going to check again when I get home...see if connection is any better.  I know its not from my end...if they don't fix it I just won't buy any DLC until it is.  

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This isn't weird...if I'm not mistaken the only thing they did at e3 last year was the Sony thing and I am sure they were pushed to do that...and I can't blame Sony.

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I've not had 1 problem with the game so far and I am already in homicide.  Also, did not the firmware ONLY require you to change your pw?  I didn't think it did anything besides that.