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@Khann: yeah, most people in the game industry don't make anywhere near that amount of money. Pachter is pretty off base on this, but I almost compare him to Glenn Beck as you know they both talk a lot of shit just so they are on people's minds.

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@GravityProof: Few things:

1. Bastion won't go cheaper than $15 for a very long time

2. Bastion will not have as long a tail or replay value as Civ 5

3. Bastion is single player only

4. Civ 5 will have even more DLC for quite a while longer

I love Bastion but if your choice is between the two then that means you want Civ 5 and in terms of value for dollar its exceptionally higher with Civ 5.

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Capcom doesn't know how to handle their shit. They have Trolno in charge of Street Fighter and practically all related games, so that tells you something in and of itself.

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@Surkov: yeah, I like Eva as well.

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@sickVisionz: Your statement is invalid. The game wasn't going to go into production until they saw how many people purchased the 3DSware title. Since they did not do that, a game which many people were excited for...your statement is invalid.

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Capcom, once again proving they have no idea how to handle their shit.

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I think the soon comment is a little unfounded as Valve won't mention something unless thy are ready. Why do you think they haven't said about word about HL3 or shown anything relevant for it?

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Added points to my account for this today. I cannot wait.

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Well Battlefield series is generally a more thinking man's team based shooter in comparison to killstreaks involving I don't care, Activision is crying and it makes me kind of chuckle.

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No thanks, lol. That's way too much repetition...then again, I did play WOW from beta until December of last year so who am I to say anything about repetition...