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I'm still in the camp of "hahaha I murdered every person who tried to invade me"

Also, hahaha you got murdered by a pig.

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My theory for a while was that this game ended with Big Boss going near villain and the next game being a remake of Metal Gear. Now that Kojima is gone, who knows.

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I'm at the point where I want a college age/adult Spider-Man. He's been in that age group since before I was even born, but we're stuck on this highschool BS which is annoying. Whatever, at least they are using Peter Parker: the way it should be.

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@damodar: yeah, the thing they could have done to fix this is include the DLC in game updates. I heard they have all that stuff worked out so we'll just see how well the netcode stacks up this time around.

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I finished the season about 11PM on Friday night. Fantastic show, 10/10.

Fisk is only childlike for the few of his appearances, and its easily explained why. This is, hands down, the best TV show adapted from comic book made yet. I cannot wait for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

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@damodar: The online was busted for a while and, like you asked, they made it where if you didn't own the DLC you couldn't play with others who did.

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Little Debbies and Moon Pies.

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I don't see them doing the whole game. Maybe they look up cutscenes and do one or two play sessions, but since the "canon" of that game is both in and out of canon, I'd say they should skip it.

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I followed Jeff from Gamespot.

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I'll put it this way: I have no interest in getting upset over DLC that looks like it sucks anyway. Maybe I would get more upset if the DLC announced so far actually looked good. Those DLC characters look awful.