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I honestly don't see the point as most curators that are popular already have websites in which they are recommending these games. Maybe it will get you guys some people who have never been there, but I have no idea.

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Some things to take away from the Age of Ultron trailer:

1. We get a glimpse at Pietro (Quicksilver) and Wanda (Scarlet Witch) in an angry crowd of potential protestors? Are they kidnapped from this crowd and experimented on by HYDRA? Are they trying to incite a riot?

2. At the 28 second mark we get an inside look at the new Avengers Quinjet. This new craft is noticeably larger from those we’ve seen in previous films and also has the ability to transport and deploy smaller craft such as Black Widow’s motorcycle.

3. Also at the 29 second mark we see Bruce Banner clearly disturbed about something. Is he losing control of The Hulk? Did something cause him to transform without warning?

4. At the 32 second mark we see the “Frankenstein” version of Ultron that seems to be made from broken/destroyed Iron Man armors and drone pieces.

5. We get our first look at what an Iron Man drone is going to look like in Age of Ultron at the 37 second mark. They are, at least, blue/white colored with a number designation and the Avengers logo.

6. A theme for Age of Ultron might be “strings”, or “puppets”. We know Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are captives of HYDRA at some point, Ultron created by Stark (assumed), and Vision having been created by Ultron. Lots of characters potentially being controlled by something else who breaks free from their “strings”. It will be interesting to see if this carries to any other characters as Captain America, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and Black Widow have seemingly all broken free of their former SHIELD strings.

7. At the 1:02 mark we see Ultron standing in the wreckage of some building with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch on either side of him. They do not look worried, injured, or scared so I think its safe to say they escape HYDRA and work in tandem with Ultron at some point in the film.

8. The 1:05 mark is where get our first official glimpse of an Ultron drone up close. Great looking stuff. What follows is a shot of dozens of Ultron drones coming out of the water and climbing a rock face and building side.

9. At the 1:13 mark we hear Stark claim that, “it’s the end. The end of the path I started us on.” Following shot gives us a look at Black Widow and Nick Fury. Will this film possibly come full circle for Tony from the first Iron Man? We know he isn’t going to be dying in this film as he’s signed on for Captain America 3. Black Widow responds that, “nothing lasts forever.”

10. Something has clearly gotten to Scarlet Witch as she’s in the middle of destruction, crying out to the sky.

11. The 1:21 mark is beginning of one of the trailer’s money shots as it debuts the Hulkbuster armor. In the comics this armor is actually an addition to another set and it seems to be the same in the MCU as we see Iron Man inside. He’s facing down The Hulk in what is probably South Africa.

12. At 1:27 we see an example of the new Avenger’s Quinjet deploying Black Widow on her new electric motorcycle.

13. At 1:29 we see Quicksilver potentially saving Captain America from an Ultron drone.

14. 1:30 shows Scarlet Witch firing a red energy blast from her right hand.

15. 1:31 seems to be from a flashback sequence as we see Steve Rogers, in his army uniform, at a USO dance.

16. 1:32 has an up close of Andy Serkis in an unknown role. Potentially works for HYDRA?

17. 1:33 shows Captain America, with shield, either on his own motorcycle or Black Widow’s.

18. 1:34 is an interesting shot as we see Thor, sans armor, emergy from water. Is he captured?

19. 1:35 Black Widow and the Hulk share a touching moment as they touch hands. This definitely gains credibility to the rumors that Banner and Widow have fostered a relationship.

20. 1:36 shows a ballerina scene…potentially hinting at a flashback to Black Widow’s past?

21. 1:37 more shots of the snowy mountain action set piece where the Avengers are storming a HYDRA base in the mountains. Hawkeye, in his new coat, is seen fighting here as well.

22. 1:39 Thor stalks and picks Stark up by the neck. This is more than likely after Ultron’s reveal to the Avengers earlier. What did Ultron say to the team, in total, that has Thor so angry?

23. 1:41 more Hulk vs Hulk Buster.

24. 1:45 shows something unknown attacking Captain America as he’s dodging a car that’s been thrown or sent his way.

25. 1:52 shows the arm of a fallen Thor and Captain America’s broken shield.

26. 1:56 is the second money shot as we see Ultron (Prime?) in his glory. Unlike in the comics he has a fully articulated face in Age of Ultron. We see him declare that there are “No strings on me.” Lots of emotion in his face. I can only assume this was done to give Ultron defining characteristics from his drones since they will probably be in the same shots together. I’ve seen reports that Ultron is going to be upwards of 8ft tall.

27. 2:00: Title card showing Avengers: Age of Ultron.

There are noticeable differences in tone from the last Avengers movie. While there were serious things going on in The Avengers it was still rather light, but this feels more similar (at least in the trailer) to Captain America: The Winter Soldier than The Avengers. Then again, first trailers can be somewhat misleading as we saw with Iron Man 3’s pretty dark trailer that brought up comparisons to movies like Dark Knight Rises.Everything in the trailer looks dire for both our heroes and the world they inhabit. I can see this leading to a massive turn by the public against them which could be what Captain America 3 deals with. While I don’t agree with the Civil War being used in the MCU at this early point in its life (lack of heroes/villains for one) I can see maybe there being imprisonment for people with powers or something of that nature…maybe the MCU civil war deals with the government demanding anyone with powers be forced to work for them opposed to simply being registered.

I am incredibly excited for this movie and cannot wait.

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I'm confused, why is "clunky survival horror combat" a good thing? Games like Dead Space prove you don't need a crap controlling game to be tense and fun.

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its sad but this really has nothing to do with GG as this stuff was happening before GG and it will happen after GG. There are two Twitch people I follow who were swatted while I watched them live. They also get doxxed and harassed online and they are dudes. All that's happened now is internet trolls looking for something to do have realized they can get away with anything now and its not blamed on them but some movement they are disjointed from. Heck, blaming GG means the "anti-GG" side is completely responsible for what trolls do too as many pro-GG personalities like TotalBiscuit (who is in treatment for cancer right now) and Boogie (both he and his wife received death threats, doxxes, and more) as well as others have received stuff.

You guys are doing what the trolls want by giving them attention. That's all they want and they keep getting. Not sure why people are so willing to comply.

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I use it occasionally on the newer roku USB stick in the bedroom. Works just fine. There are occasional bugs, but leaving the app and going back in fixes them.

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Lake Mungo, Paranormal Activity (only the first one), The Thing.

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I have more issues with mobile (cell phone/tablet) gaming than I do handheld gaming. I love my Vita and like my 3ds OK. I will never want those experiences on my phone because of things like battery life, format, controls, etc.

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I don't own an Xbone, and kind of don't want to, but some of this game looks interesting. The tone/characters, however, do not look appealing at all. Insomniac feels like a developer that can't make great games outside of R&C. I thought all the Resistance games were consistent misses and Fusion was a tragedy.

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@humanity: Titans can also easily get killed in the process of doing their super. Both classes have the ability to put change one of their "talents" to make themselves harder to kill while attempting their special. I typically don't do this though as I'd rather have the lunge melee. However, I get killed at least 1/2 the time I attempt my striker special.

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Thanks for sharing, but to make it out that men are treated better than women in the industry (by the consumer, aka gamers) comes off as, to use a word Jeff used recently, farcical. Since I started paying attention to the industry farther than a gaming magazine, you see that reviewers (of all genders), YouTubers (of all genders), pundits (of all genders), and fellow gamers (of all genders) have received equal harassment and death threats over the decade +. Remember when Jack Thompson received a steady flow of death threats? Yeah, no one cared then. In fact, the industry largely laughed at him and victim blamed him til the sun came down. The gaming media/mainstream media has only covered the death threats of women they agree with, which is a shame. To show people that the gaming media truly cares about equality they need to speak for everyone, and that includes when men receive death threats. To make this out like an "us and them" battle where only media are harassed does no one good and makes it seem like you have a biased agenda.

We need more diverse voices in the industry, and I feel like some of what you've done has potentially scared those voices and potentially kept them from ever considering entering the business. Your narrative has been "gamers will send you death threats if you're a woman", so why would they ever consider it? We need to do more to foster creativity, education, and interest across every demographic. From 2009 to 2014 the percentage of game developers who were female went from 11% to 22%, and I can only assume that number is going to greatly increase considering the ease of access to game development tools.

To loosely quote Boogie, to think that gamers care about the genitals of who makes there game is ridiculous. No one gets upset when they find out the maker of their game is a woman, man, gay straight, etc. update: To assume that shows a bias more than anything else. If I am not mistaken plenty of Twitch users (male) have been the victim of swatting, which wasn't really widely reported. I think we need equal and fair coverage of all these things: