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So, I bought Dragon Age Ultimate Edition on PC and thought I would check to see if this were possible and this thread popped up. I can't believe how dickish most of you duders were to the OP. Some people like to use gamepads for third person action games; its not your problem if they choose to do so.

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Triple A is an actual thing, not a hypothetical or industry term. Like a letter on the Bombcast said a while back, AAA is a mix of development team size and budget.

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Pathfinder is still my favorite tabletop RPG but I also really like Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu, though CoC requires an amazing GM and participants who want to Roleplay 99% of the time and die or go insane the other...101% of the time.

As a side note I am the VL for Pathfinder Society in my area, so perhaps I am biased.

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@development: I am all for diversity, but most people who complain about it in cases like this simply want it to feel good. They want people like Jeff to ignore whoever the best applicant was, or the best person he had in mind, and to simply hit a checkbox on whatever demographic, sexual orientation, etc that they are wanting to see. I don't really get that.

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Oh nice, now I am seeing people upset that Giant Bomb is apparently not hiring any black, LGBT, or female people. Because you know, the new hires aren't even announced yet so lets call out Giant Bomb because they don't hit the checkboxes or something. :|

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Price on PS4 is $50. I think I can wait til I can get it for sale...or if I'm bored enough I will pick it up.

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It takes a long time for games to install? Doesn't on my PS4. Wolfenstein installed in like...5-10 minutes or something? That was nearly 50GB installed, and in same cases you can play the games while installing. Games on my high end PC take about the same time to install.

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I love the Bombcast and always will (probably). Still funny but will never be as good as it was during that time. I would frequently howl with laughter and if I were in the car listening, people at redlights would star because I was laughing so hard.

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Honestly, he's just as deserving as any other Mario character. I'm not the biggest Yoshi fan, but if Wario can get his own games then Yoshi is fair game.

Also, I love Vib Ribbon...but come on...its getting hyperbolic in here.

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I like it a lot and it further emphasizes to me how much I disliked Halo 4. I think the powers are even more balanced than those in Reach because of the respawn timer, and I really liked Reach. Here's a video I took of a game I played before going into work last night:

I really miss executions though. Maybe they will bring those back.

@seppli I can tell you Destiny does not have the same issues with netcode that Battlefield does. After playing about 300 hours of just the PS4 version of Battlefield 4, this does not. There's kill trading, but that doesn't have anything to do with netcode. Halo players can tell you that happens a lot with competing weapons. Killing people in vehicles isn't hard at all, especially if you maximize the use of the classes jump+ options but they are a but overpowered especially considering there are now hijacking options: I am sure this will be corrected, even by the time of the beta next month. What was extra broken about BF4 was the fact that shots were out of sync with the server so you would be killed behind cover while the server acted as if you were still out, invincibility when you shouldn't have had it, 0 damage weapons, hits not registering, and more...these aren't player issues made up out of the blue...they are issues DICE and EA acknowledged numerous times.