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So glad we are getting a good silent hill game this generation...even if I already own 2 copies of the game...

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@bonorbitz: yeah, I downloaded the free gun first and then bought the pass.  I haven't had a chance to check and see the pass works correctly for me or not yet.
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@bonorbitz: Sorry yeah, you're right...I had the suit and the bad.  I had DLC on the brain apparently.  The Tommy Gun is the free download on the store right now.
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and that no one in JP will play...

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@GoonerGod: I ordered mine from Amazon...when I opened the case there were 2 paper vouchers for the Chicago Tommy Gun and The Consul's Car case.  If you didn't have at least the Consul's Car case I would have talked to the retailer about it.
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@Edin8999: I don't know what game you are playing or what you were expecting but I had a blast from beginning to end...and no, all of the cases do not end the same way...unless you spend 4 hours playing one case and assumed that for the rest...
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Even without a second analog stick, both God of War games are really good...I would give them a try before unjustly writing them off like that...

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I am going to put most of this in spoiler tags just so I don't  accidentally ruin anything. 

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Welcome Back Kotter is gold.  I still love that show.  Also love how the second the store comes up there are already massive amounts of people complaining about how they don't have their free stuff or PSN+. 
@whatthegeek: Plenty of people are getting in fine.  Just keep trying it and you'll be fine.

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Microsoft doesn't really have any franchise that they put effort into other than Gears and Halo so I never get excited at theirs.  I'm sure they'll talk exclusive COD maps or something. 
Sony is who I want to see for PS3 game news and NGP.