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@scarace360:   I think they just feed them Double Downs in large portions, followed by skinwhiches...but they also drink Diet Coke so it's cool.  "Diet Coke?  Shit yeah."
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@scarace360:   Technically, if you read the books, its the food (if thats what you would want to call it) that's fed to the COGs that make them that large.  Supposed to be some sort of massive protein and everything.  I think I remember reading that in a book.  They prolly have the women-folk on it now.
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Even if I did want to play an MMO on my PS3, a FF themed one is not the one I would want.  The DC one does look promising though, but not to be payed for on a monthly basis.

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Hopefully they do better than they did with Champions Online.  Then again, Bill "Caustic To Your Game" Roper isn't invovled with Cryptic so...
Yeah, I'm still bitter about my wasted lifetime membership w/, I don't want to talk about it.

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@FreakAche: I don't know why people have hate for Oblivion. You could still play when you were finished.  I still am in love with that game.  Obviously it isn't perfect, but I believe I sank over 100 hours into it and I thinkI just dicked around the whole time lol.
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Because they never go back and change stuff like this in a patch...

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Basically, considering I beat the first game 100% in less than 5 hours I will start calling these "episodes".  Also, I think they either need make these games a little more substantive or lower the price point.

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I think this game needed DLC a lot sooner.  I still have my copy but it pains me to even think of putting it in as I would really only be hunting orbs & going for achievements.

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This game looks so much better than Guitar Hero X: Legends of Rock or whatever it is called. 

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@Microshock:   Sorry to hear you think that.  I didn't enjoy MW2 as much as I did COD4 but it was hardly trash.