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@dwigtk: So, what do I do for the goal? I want to be realistic, but have no idea what would be right to go with.

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@dwigtk: OK. I remember last year the thing went longer than originally planned right? I might try to just stream 10-12 each day it goes.

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@rockyraccoon37: He's a religious zealot and political fanatic. He believes in the old Kree ways which are not being represented by the current government and military. He is also further infuriated by the fact that the Kree have formed a treaty with the Xandarians opposed to overrunning them and killing or enslaving them all.

In the comics for the longest time Ronan was a bad guy but it was discovered he has basically went mad. Since his madness was cured he has become a hero to the Kree empire and helped save the universe many times, so I really hope he isn't dead and that he's given a redemptive arc in a future film of some time. Not to mention they kill Korath the Pursuer as well, so I really really hope Ronan isn't dead. Ronan doesn't like Thanos but considers him a means to an end for his own purposes.

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I don't have to stream for 24 hours, right? Like, what if I want to stream for 10 or 12 hours? Not sure if I can get off work on that Saturday and I work 12 hour shifts. I know it says to "make up the time", but I didn't know if anyone here has had to do that in the past.

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I've been reading GotG comics since I was a kid. Movie was amazing. So glad Marvel, once again, proved all the naysayers wrong. I can't count the number of people who were so sure it would flop and be a terrible movie.

Ronan was weak, but not that weak. He had his own motivations beyond just wanting to kill everyone or rule the world/galaxy/universe. There was even his turn later in the film. I really hope that he isn't dead however as there is great material there for a redemptive turn for Ronan in a future film, but its hard to tell. Wouldn't be hard to decide that he didn't.

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BD and DVD are still superior to digital and streaming. You don't get any of the cool special features when you stream the content or buy a digital copy.

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Vice City is still my favorite, but it doesn't hold up at all. In my opinion, GTA V is the pinnacle of the series in both mechanics and story telling. If I want the goofier, old school GTA feel I will play Saints Row 3 which is the pinnacle of that style.

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What would it take for me? My membership actually running out, which it will again in...September I think.

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I have never stopped believing in the GB...I will never stop...won't stop...can't stop...

But seriously...I've been so happy to see the upcoming content schedule be so full.

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@spraynardtatum: Not true. I just find that most people who complain on the internet still plan on doing what they are complaining about. Look at all the people who state, "I will not buy this game if x doesn't change" but they are still there day one. The pre-order complains have been around since the PS2/Xbox generation and won't be going away...even when we go all digital.

And again, these are bonus missions that have no bearing on the game, so missing out on them shouldn't be that big of a deal imo. Worst case scenario is that you preorder and sell the codes and make some money. I sold my Lego Marvel pre-order code for nearly $50. I sold my Transformers pre-order code for over $100.