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I really don't like people, lol. The "kid's" excuses were pathetic, but the SK dev handled them well. However, not having money is never an excuse to steal. That's the basis for most thefts throughout time, so your excuse of being "poor" doesn't cut it. Also the "I just wanted to try before I buy" was BS too as he already admitted having owned the game on another platform.

@thomasonfa I don't know. At this point the person will probably say whatever, and make whatever excuses, to not come off looking like an ass.

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So this really is f2p...I now have 0 hype for this but all the luck to him. Kind of bummed Nexon is involved, honestly...

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I don't know why I get the feeling it will be riddled with microtransactions. I could be dead wrong, but I get that feeling. Also, I don't have an ounce of excitement for this game, but that could change with meaningful content and information regarding the game. Gone are the days where I instantly gave a damn about a game from Epic.

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I agree: Dead Space 3 was pretty terrible. There were some decent scares...maybe two or three at most, but other than that it may as well have been Resident Evil 7. Loved DS1, loved DS2, but hated DS3.

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Currently no, but its possible that PS Now will let you play those at some point.

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I went with PS4 and more than likely will never get an Xbone. To me the Halo franchise is non-existent thanks to 343 and with Bungie seemingly being so cozy with Sony and the PS4 I will get my equivalent Halo fix with them. I also PC game so I seriously doubt they will have anything worth my interest on the bone.

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So, I bought Dragon Age Ultimate Edition on PC and thought I would check to see if this were possible and this thread popped up. I can't believe how dickish most of you duders were to the OP. Some people like to use gamepads for third person action games; its not your problem if they choose to do so.

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Triple A is an actual thing, not a hypothetical or industry term. Like a letter on the Bombcast said a while back, AAA is a mix of development team size and budget.

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Pathfinder is still my favorite tabletop RPG but I also really like Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu, though CoC requires an amazing GM and participants who want to Roleplay 99% of the time and die or go insane the other...101% of the time.

As a side note I am the VL for Pathfinder Society in my area, so perhaps I am biased.

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@development: I am all for diversity, but most people who complain about it in cases like this simply want it to feel good. They want people like Jeff to ignore whoever the best applicant was, or the best person he had in mind, and to simply hit a checkbox on whatever demographic, sexual orientation, etc that they are wanting to see. I don't really get that.