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I've held both. PS4 still wins. I think the ui is better, I think their 1st party games are better, etc, etc. To each their own.

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So apparently the guy didn't watch Godzilla but the story is original and they did create two new monsters for the film.

Also, all stories are made from the same elements. There is nothing new under the sun. Nothing is ever truly original anymore but an interesting amalgamation of existing ideas, concepts, and character traits.

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I have a feeling that hacking other people gets you point, or causing someone to crash though I don't know. I haven't been able to get into an online race yet :|

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Even though I find Watch Dogs (WD) to be a less than good game I am still going to put the time into it to platinum it. Why you ask? Well, because I've already gotten most of the trophies completed just by dicking around in the game so why there's nothing else out until at least August for me, so why not. However, I still haven't been able to connect to most online modes. I've done profiling and hacking but the others never find a game for me...they just sit there on the "Trying to Find a Game" graphic. I have yet to make it into an online race or data encryption mode.

Is anyone else having this issue currently?

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The soundtrack, like everything in this game, is mediocre at best.

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I think Jeff's comment was more about multiplayer games and not something in regards to single player or difficulty leanings. Example, in Battlefield 4 if people playing Assault actually bothered to revive people...they are playing their class. If Snipers are up in people's grills, they are not playing their class. Basically, if you aren't worried about teamwork in a team based game then you need to go and play something else and stop ruining it for other people. I don't think skill or accessibility has anything to do with it.

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@wonderva: The difference being those games are about competitive first person shooters only about eliminating the other team: its just another version of dodgeball. There's nothing gratuitous, graphic, or especially immoral about anything you do in those. DayZ and Rust are about surving and theoretically if people weren't assholes you could still play the game, have fun, and NEVER have to kill another person or take their shit. DayZ and Rust encourage assholes, trolls, and the like to be themselves. I would agree that the game's never force a person to be an asshole, but they reward you more for being one.

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I can't really say either as they offer completely different things. The only thing they have in common is that they are open world, third person games.

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I don't pay attention to reviews. I am 29 years old and that decision has yet to steer me wrong. I know what I am getting into and its what I want. If I paid attention to reviews I see good review scores but those same reviewers turn around and complain about the games like they weren't as good as they made out. This happens all the time. I love discussions and dialogue about games, but reviews aren't necessary for me nor do they have a point.

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@bollard: Nah, no Gamestop in the US requires full price for a game pre-order unless you are pre-ordering the game online. Pre-orders for standard editions of games are $5, special editions vary with price from $10-25, and console pre-orders have been around $50.