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The easiest way to deal with this, and the best way, is to acknowledge that Kotaku isn't worth talking about, acknowledging, or visiting.

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@boocreepyfootdoctor: That depends. I have had great experiences with my Vita through remote play; its not a binary thing. The controls are not awkward for everything; its up to the developers to make logical control schemes for the Vita and some of them have.

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I'd like to send a special shout out to Adam Sessler and Arthur Gies for providing me plenty of unintentional humor on Twitter talking about the video game apocalypses and how the industry is ruined. Also for yelling people down for asking them about it because the public messages "weren't intended for them".

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I know this is an old point and all...but man, I seriously am getting tired of people taking videos with the camera vertically.

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Bill's sexual preference is pretty pointless to the overall plot of the story but it is important as being one of the smaller stories you come across...if you pay attention. I thought they played it well as it would be very odd to put anything like that in your face in that setting. Bill's character, how he is written, wouldn't make a big deal about he didn't.

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I am currently on EPB's fiber optic service so I get 100Mbps for $57 a month. They originally had us at 50 Mbps but they bumped everyone up for free so if you were on 100 Mbps then they bumped you up to their 1 Gigabit package.

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lol, great moment. I don't think I've ever seen this one since it first aired. I agree with @artisanbreads ....I can't pick a moment. I just watched the Motorbike and Ride to Hell quicklooks and those had me laughing pretty hard.

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I thought I saw that one of her powers was going to be inspired by Spirit Tracks?

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I've had zero issues with this. I did notice that I would get slight eye strain when doing 3D for certain titles on the 3DS but that's about it in regards to issues with mobile gaming.