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My game of the year list is too heavily influenced by me being a white, male so I will only further the cause by talking good or bad about it.

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That article was perhaps the dumbest article I have read. Glad I kicked in 2014 by reading another idiotic feminism article that really missed the point entirely. Also, like @darji stated, she may want to ensure her own house is clean of shit before pointing out other people's alleged shitty houses.

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I agree that Tomb Raider didn't get its just dues in the deliberations but it has nothing to do with sexism as much as I think that last generation we had a franchise called Uncharted did almost every single thing that game did only with better characters. The story was forgettable, the action was OK but too frequent, and the characters were archetypal bored. I enjoyed the game a lot but it was nowhere near my top 10 games this year.

Also, stating Lara is some feminist idol is idiotic, at least in this case. Her character is not strong...she's near immortal and virtually indestructible. She has no interesting story besides the trope of "I've crashed on an island full of people who want to kill me." Tomb Raider was fun but the game didn't do anything to move the genre forward but it did potentially lay a groundwork for an actually original Tomb Raider game. How about a game where the developers didn't create a torture porn fun land and are trying to emotionally manipulate me into "caring" for this character?

@cornbredx : Which is an idiotic argument, honestly. Lara is, at best, a placeholder character in that game with no real substance beyond being a punching bag for 8-10 hours while you Uncharted around an island. Stating that TR didn't make it into anyone's top 10 because "Well, men" is a dumb argument and a way to bring up the cliche argument of "men wouldn't understand". This would be like saying Starhawk didn't wind up on someone's top 10 the year it came out because "you know, white people".

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@grillbar: Technically if you have PS + You can download the games through the a web browser. Have you tried signing up for PS + without the PS4 or does it require a registered system first?

Also, I am willing to bet Resogun will be on there for 3-4 months at least and besides that you aren't missing anything huge.

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The easiest way to deal with this, and the best way, is to acknowledge that Kotaku isn't worth talking about, acknowledging, or visiting.

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@boocreepyfootdoctor: That depends. I have had great experiences with my Vita through remote play; its not a binary thing. The controls are not awkward for everything; its up to the developers to make logical control schemes for the Vita and some of them have.

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I'd like to send a special shout out to Adam Sessler and Arthur Gies for providing me plenty of unintentional humor on Twitter talking about the video game apocalypses and how the industry is ruined. Also for yelling people down for asking them about it because the public messages "weren't intended for them".

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I know this is an old point and all...but man, I seriously am getting tired of people taking videos with the camera vertically.

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Bill's sexual preference is pretty pointless to the overall plot of the story but it is important as being one of the smaller stories you come across...if you pay attention. I thought they played it well as it would be very odd to put anything like that in your face in that setting. Bill's character, how he is written, wouldn't make a big deal about he didn't.

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I am currently on EPB's fiber optic service so I get 100Mbps for $57 a month. They originally had us at 50 Mbps but they bumped everyone up for free so if you were on 100 Mbps then they bumped you up to their 1 Gigabit package.