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Even if SF5 is exclusive then Xbone will still get the 500 itertions of SF5.

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First off, I'm playing on the PS4.

Has anyone had any issues analog movement on the PS4? My character will be running forward and then suddenly either start walking for no reason or will quickly stop and then turn around going the other direction. Even carries over to the map screen where the cursor starts jutting to the "south" end of the map. This doesn't happen in any other game I own, just DA:I. If anyone else has experienced this I'd love to know, especially if you found a fix.

When my friend gets home he's letting me use his controller to see if it does the same. Thanks for any feedback.

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One thing that blows my mind: any topic concerning a specific group on Twitter were closed, sometimes super quick, and this one has gone on for nearly 19 pages. :|

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Face/Off with Dan and Jeff.

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Anyone else find humor in Punk saying on Cabana's podcast that he hates his promos described as "pipe bomb" now, but he has a shirt named "Pipe Bomb"?

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@zeik: Well hell, I might have to go through again. Still not self destructing Loader Bot though. I'm gonna name my firstborn after that guy.

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@enemylandlord: I never get anything super janky, but there are small jerks here and there where you can tell you're coming across the seams of the game where choices come into play.

Question, so is it even possible to be able to get the other two masks? I never saw an opportunity to get more than my starting $10.

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@lackluster: I used that as a moment of "player knowledge ≠ character knowledge". Did she know there was a bomb in it or was that only the other two characters? I couldn't remember, so I acted like she didn't know.

I have to agree that this game was fantastic. I was ready for it to be terrible to OK, but it was superb. I will be getting every episode now. The story in this is 500x better than anything in any other Borderlands game.

I do feel Tell Tale has a massive problem with what seems like lazy coding (and an extremely dated engine) but I felt the humor was better than anything we've gotten from Borderlands before.

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Not to mention this game has the best dragon fights in a video game. Skyrim's dragon fights, and dragons, feel so lifeless and boring now.