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eh, honestly I think every gamer has been there. This is why (and not saying you don't already do these things) its good to diversify your free time and engage in different activities. Go for a walk, read a book through to completion, take up a new hobby, or pick a historical topic and educate yourself on it; its really a matter of diversification.

I haven't let myself get burned out on playing games because its not the only thing I do. Even though I have about 150-160 hours into Battlefield 4 since December I still ensure that I read at least 2-3 books a month with one of those being a non-fiction, educational type book. That also ensures that I don't get too burned out on fiction or anything as well.

Just a suggestion. I've stepped away from gaming entirely for 2-3 months at a time before. Not really a crazy amount of time or something but that might be a good cleanser.

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So what you're telling me is Dark Souls 2 is a 'souls' game? You realize those games already have problems with framerate and you want them to push graphics harder? You're crazy, mang.

Like @freakin9 said, there are areas that looks and there are areas that did not. Dark Souls and Demons Souls both had the same thing: areas that looked great and areas that didn't. If all you are worried about is graphics then maybe... Souls games aren't for you?

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I like both games but man inFamous 2 is really weird. From the lack of polish, to parts of the game that feel unfinished, all the way back to some aspects of the game feeling...amateur, I still really liked it.

I still find the distinct lack of audio in many parts of the game to be incredibly jarring.

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Obligatory "my junk is the only meat thermometer I own" joke.

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You could have summed that first post with:


I personally enjoy both graphics, resolution, AND game play. I bought a Ps4 because I think Sony first party games are largely better than Microsoft's, not because of frame rate. You can single out a game that is mediocre if you want: who cares? I have played over 150 hours of Battlefield 4's multiplayer and it has had some problems, so...yup. Great conversation here.

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Sadly, our President is the equivalent of a limp noodle when it comes to foreign policy. If he can't kill it with a drone or apologize to it then expect nothing but lots of tongue wagging and finger pointing...not to mentiong arbitrary talks of imaginary lines and them being crossed.

I sympathize with you and I'm sorry you're getting nothing but weird conspiracy theorists and Putin sympathizers filling up the place. I hope that Crimea and the Ukraine come out of this as an independent country and not just another Putin conquest in his crusade to prove how manly he is.

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I am liking it. The level design is about on part with other Thief games and is about the same as Dishonored, though the vertical options were more in that game for obvious reasons. I think the game lacks a little polish. I agree the hub city is difficult to navigate, but I'm about 7 hours in and I'm starting to get it OK. I think the new Thief is a good Thief game. Should the franchise go away from that? I don't think so, but it can do many things better and many of those have already been mentioned. I am about 7 hours in and haven't knocked out one person nor have I set an alarm off so I am happy (have yet to use focus either). As a Thief fan I am happy. This will do me fine, at least until Dark Souls 2 is out.

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So many games in this list are not even coming out this year, lol.

Either way, freaking Destiny all the way.

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Most of those games aren't too crazy or niche...I mean hell...Don't Starve is a free PSN+ game. Technically Starbound isnt even a real game yet.