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Kind of hard to take any real information from something like this. You could also say that means there are more under 18 year olds on Xbox One and more adults/decision makers are on the PS4.

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I bought the game and have a few characters. I really, really, really want some of the new characters coming like Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, and Venom but I don't want to pay $20 a piece for each character nor do I want to spend over $100 on tons of characters. I want to get back in to finish the game so I will send you a message. Thanks for the heads up.

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I bought one pack just to get the promo card. That's it.

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I really don't see how people find the new version of Lara Croft as "deep" or "interesting". She just came off as an immortal punching bag for which the developers to enact the softcore equivalent of torture porn. None of her interactions or story were interesting.

I also still l don't understand misogynistic claims against GTAV as EVERY character and person in that universe is deplorable, disgusting, and worth not ever knowing in real life: man or woman.

Just like race, there are worth while and interesting conversations to be had, but unfortunately the conversations from most people on both sides is vitriolic, preachy, and doesn't do anything to proclaim a worthwhile narrative. The most vocal and tiny minority are treated as some sort of dominant part of the culture that is given far too much press and credit, and yes I am talking about the trolls. People like Anna Sarkeesian, and others as seen in recent board posts, paint people she disagrees with broad brush strokes just like those who disagree with her do the same.

Women make up a majority of gamers, right? If they have problems then they should vote with the most powerful tool they have: their wallet. Talk to your husbands or boyfriends or family and tell them how you feel and why you can't support a product or developer. Even if they don't agree or follow suit they at least have someone who isn't demonizing them for having a penis and not thinking Tomb Raider wasn't important in 2013.

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Tipping point? Maybe for some. I know for me it was. I found the campaign to be completely boring, outside of one or two moments, and pretty shitty. Hell, I would argue even the story beats and writing are the worst in the series...including Modern Warfare 3...which is a big task to complete. The multiplayer, which is the important part, is also getting progressively worse. I think Battlefield 4 now not only owns the team based modern military deathmatch but the large scale combat as well.

I came into Ghosts optimistic but came out upset. Hell, even the spawning was the worst these series has ever had and they seem to have no interest in fixing it anytime soon. I can only spawn and get immediately shot in the back so many times before I just say "Screw you, Infinity Ward." I will not be buying anymore CODs until I hear there has been significant change but honestly...maybe its just time for the series to die off. Activision won't like that and will fight it but its going to happen at some point.

I've successfully talked about ten friends to not buy the game and just go with Battlefield 4 or wait for Titanfall on PC. So far, none of us have been disappointed.

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Their initial comic had nothing wrong with it.

Critics reaction to the comic was overblown.

Penny Arcade's response to the criticism is the biggest problem.

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Her tactics are the same as someone who shouts "racist" just to shut up someone up. As several people have stated she cry's wolf about tons of stuff so if she ever does have a valid point to make then it will never be taken seriously. Seeing the screenshots of the characters in her game makes her commentary even more laughable.

@jasonr86: I don't think so. Calling out the hypocrisy of someone who chooses to publicly demonize people, many times over, is open to the same scrutiny she places on others. Using the slippery slope argument is weak as its implies the commentary will go sideways no matter what. As I said before, her argument is the same thing as a black person saying Starhawk didn't get in a game of the year list because all the Bombers on the podcast are white; its an idiotic issue. She even invalidates her own commentary by citing Jeff's disgust with the mechanics.

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My game of the year list is too heavily influenced by me being a white, male so I will only further the cause by talking good or bad about it.

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That article was perhaps the dumbest article I have read. Glad I kicked in 2014 by reading another idiotic feminism article that really missed the point entirely. Also, like @darji stated, she may want to ensure her own house is clean of shit before pointing out other people's alleged shitty houses.