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To curb piracy as much as possible. They can't get rid of the piracy entirely so if they can mitigate the risk then they make better money in the long run as if someone was holding out for the PC version then those same people will still buy it in the end. Businesses go through risk mitigation practices in many different forms and this is one of them.

In the case of a developer like Rockstar, they may be worried about releasing a version worthy of PC? An argument against that is that they never released RDR on PC when they had plenty of time. Grand Theft Auto IV was a mess on PC and completely unoptimized, in my opinion, even with mods. I personally was more interested in a PS4/Xbone port, which I assume we'll hear about at the same time a PC port is announced. The "jaded" part of me wants to say Rockstar is attempting to get fans to double dip when they announce next gen and PC ports, but that's just me.

Also, as other Bombers have pointed out, PC sales are pretty low in comparison to console. No matter what PC elitists want you to say (and I game on PC frequently), developers lose out on their PC versions many times over. The number of stories I've heard from developers who are frustrated that they are doing tech support on pirated copies of a game makes me sick sometimes...especially when I hear people flippantly admit, and almost brag, about pirating PC copies just because they want to play it. Either way, that's a rabbit trail so...

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@oldmanlight: What kind of router are you using? Also, what are you gaming on and are you gaming on WI-FI?

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I haven't made out with Allison Brie yet, so no.

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Everything is cyclical. Hell, someone is already posting something about how the fact Sony is at over 6 million consoles sold in less than four months is a bad thing for the industry. These types of people are only out there for the click bait or to get attention. Remember all the people who told us about 8 years ago that the iPhone was the future of gaming and that it would hinder PC and console games. Yeah, those douchers.

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Wow, I'm surprised a female character model can look that good. Did you have to work super hard in the advanced options for that?

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eh, honestly I think every gamer has been there. This is why (and not saying you don't already do these things) its good to diversify your free time and engage in different activities. Go for a walk, read a book through to completion, take up a new hobby, or pick a historical topic and educate yourself on it; its really a matter of diversification.

I haven't let myself get burned out on playing games because its not the only thing I do. Even though I have about 150-160 hours into Battlefield 4 since December I still ensure that I read at least 2-3 books a month with one of those being a non-fiction, educational type book. That also ensures that I don't get too burned out on fiction or anything as well.

Just a suggestion. I've stepped away from gaming entirely for 2-3 months at a time before. Not really a crazy amount of time or something but that might be a good cleanser.

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So what you're telling me is Dark Souls 2 is a 'souls' game? You realize those games already have problems with framerate and you want them to push graphics harder? You're crazy, mang.

Like @freakin9 said, there are areas that looks and there are areas that did not. Dark Souls and Demons Souls both had the same thing: areas that looked great and areas that didn't. If all you are worried about is graphics then maybe... Souls games aren't for you?

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I like both games but man inFamous 2 is really weird. From the lack of polish, to parts of the game that feel unfinished, all the way back to some aspects of the game feeling...amateur, I still really liked it.

I still find the distinct lack of audio in many parts of the game to be incredibly jarring.

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Obligatory "my junk is the only meat thermometer I own" joke.

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You could have summed that first post with:


I personally enjoy both graphics, resolution, AND game play. I bought a Ps4 because I think Sony first party games are largely better than Microsoft's, not because of frame rate. You can single out a game that is mediocre if you want: who cares? I have played over 150 hours of Battlefield 4's multiplayer and it has had some problems, so...yup. Great conversation here.