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I like hearing people's excuses for being upset over exclusivity.

"I am being inconvenienced." I hate to sound like my dad, but that's such a generational thing. I'm just glad I didn't hear a, "And I deserve it!"

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I don't see the big deal in games being delayed. Even if there are no games to play, wouldn't you rather the game not be busted upon release? Otherwise you'll just be part of the endless droves complaining on the internet.

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@dualface: Who knows, maybe this is a step in the direction of Capcom getting bought by another company...Sony, perhaps? I'd like to see Sony put some weight into a few Mega Man games, but who knows.

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@recspec: I thought WWE convinced him he could :D

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In the case of Street Fighter 5 Sony PAID FOR SOME OF THE DEVELOPMENT. Ono has been on record about Capcom's financial trouble keeping SF5 from happening, and apparently Sony obliged. Not to mention the cross-platform play is something that Microsoft does not allow. This isn't a comarketing deal like with Tomb Raider.

Also, Xbone will get one of the 500 reiterations of the game, so its not a big deal. I probably won't get to play Bayonetta 2 on anything but a WiiU and that annoys me...and I own a WiiU, lol.

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I love this design, but Dan kind of looks like DDP in this, lol.

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Yeah, Daikatana already broke them all.

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Another GamerGate post! I've had it!

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Yeah, I was laughing hard at all the people who were chomping at the bit to come in and say, "Not impressed! I'm not blown away!" The fact people need every new release to "blow them away" with some magical and unreal benchmark cracks me up. There's plenty to be wowed about in this game, they just aren' blowing up in your face.

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Not really a troll unless you are gullible and think they'd actually remake FFVII in the shape they are in.