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I have played about 12-15 hours and haven't come across even one of these yet, lol. My PSN is Sammo21 if anyone wants to add. I won't add if you don't include a message about being from GB and I also don't do real name requests for people I don't know in real life.

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I always liked a nice bench press for 3-5 sets depending on my routine for the day. My favorite weighted routine is a preacher curl.

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Best Buy price matches Amazon so they can sell anything they want in my book!

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@trilogy: Yeah, I don't see that ending in anything but a fight. I think I would say Mass Effect 2 or Burnout Paradise.

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@trilogy: I suppose so. I agree that Jeff did it for Brad but holy crap did it get vitriolic in there. I never would have imagined Papers Please, Rogue Legacy, or Gunpoint ever getting serious nods on the podcast. Interesting to see how next year turns out.

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@killdeer: Come on now! There's no sustained nontraversy for this type of opinion and for Kotaku articles if we don't ignore reality and only push forward this ignorant crap. :D

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@pweidman: Have you played Papers Please? There's actually lots of different motivations in the game.

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I think its a bad trend but that's just me. I did buy into Starbound and one other early access game but honestly I won't really touch them again until after they are "officially" released.

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@trilogy: That other people on the staff have tried to play and get into DOTA2 and it did nothing for them. Yet, it still makes it on the official game of the year list :p

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No, they had a thing here on the site for it as well but its pretty much over. They haven't really said anything about it in a long time but they have definitely stopped taking submissions.