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@trilogy: That other people on the staff have tried to play and get into DOTA2 and it did nothing for them. Yet, it still makes it on the official game of the year list :p

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No, they had a thing here on the site for it as well but its pretty much over. They haven't really said anything about it in a long time but they have definitely stopped taking submissions.

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AC4 and Battlefield 4. I am still up in the air about Killzone as I think I could have either not played it at all or waited until it was cheap. I like Fifa 14 but that was a Christmas gift opposed to me actually buying it myself.

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Here's a list of troubleshooting tips:

- Check what your upload/download speeds are showing up as in Connection Test from the PS4 settings menu
- Are you on WI-FI? If so, try connecting with a LAN cable and seeing if that fixes anything.
- Try something as simple as setting your PS4 to a static IP and see if that changes.
- You may need to setup your router for port forwarding. The best, and easiest way, to do this is by going here.
- Check online to see if your model router/modem may have issues with PSN. As mentioned above a previous router of mine didn't work with the Wii or Xbox Live.
- If possible try borrowing a friends router to see if you get similar issues.

As many people above have stated, there are no consistent issue with the PSN on the PS4. There were some issues around this holiday week AND it is only three days after Christmas so I am sure the holiday stress isn't done. Even with the PSN having issues I was able to play online with AC4, BF4, NFS, and KZ with no problems. Only issues I had was with friends list and the PSN store. I really hope you aren't just trolling as your initial post makes it easy to assume you are, but if you are not then please provide more detailed information about what you have tried and we can try to help you out.

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I can see the appeal of Skylanders. My friend is going to let me borrow his when he's done with it. Knack was supposed to be my platformer fix on PS4 but SCREW THAT GAME, lol. I am hoping to get some enjoyment out of the game though I fully expect it to be rather easy.

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@spraynardtatum: At that point, discussing which games are the "best" is fruitless as well since that ultimately doesn't matter.

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I don't see why someone would think this program would last a year more for PS3. They will only MAKE money off of this and can you imagine Sony being able to push PS3's with the promise of a large instant game collection? Since none of those games are backwards compatible on the PS4 they can sell systems even at $100 for profit and promise the IGC. I don't see how that isn't a win-win.

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@uitdetoekomst: I don't even care about trophies but when I looked at Contrast (PS4) and its trophy list I saw they were all bronze trophies and that has made me want to wait to start it, lol. I will still play it but I am going to wait until I finish ACIV.

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The fact DOTA2 isn't on this list speaks volumes.

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@spraynardtatum: Again, I'm amazed at the amount of people who've come into this thread only to basically say "I'm too good for this thread." Do you guys unlock an achievement or something?