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The last one severely underperformed. I know I couldn't care less about this movie and Spider-Man's still my favorite comic hero. I read a full plot synopsis and it sounds laughable and muddled, not to mention destroying what made Peter Spider-Man and not some random hero in tights.

Sadly, no matter how much this movie or its 5 billion sequels and offshoots bomb Sony won't ever, ever, ever give up the rights.

$90 million @rorie

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I played MtG for well over a decade and I love Hearthstone. There is plenty of depth there. You can't expect a new game to have the decades worth of development that MtG had.

Personally, I got out of MtG because of the ramped up cycle and Wizards just making the game pay to win and most competition simply net decking and not having originality in what they did.

You aren't just crazy: you're human so you form your own opinions. Personally I find Titanfall to be a slightly unbalanced mess that feels like a step back for a developer who has as much mp experience as they do. This is not an opinion that most hold, but it doesn't make me crazy.

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Honestly, the only thing I really miss right now is Random PC Game stuff that Vinny, Brad, Drew, and Dave used to do. I would much rather have a monthly or bi-monthly video of that.

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1. Try and get involved in the wiki editing process; it can be pretty fun.

2. Be vocal on the forums.

3. Get in on the chats anytime there is a live show.

4. Maybe around the time of the Child's Play stream get a stream going. That's my plan this year.

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The definition for "irked" is to be irate. No, I am not irate about their not being an endurance run. There is plenty of content on this site to keep me going. I also don't have a culture of gaming where I have to watch the Duders play everything. Endurance Runs take a lot of time out of their schedules, keep other content from coming out, and involve more than just the two people sitting in on the run. Here is the list of GB employees in the San Francisco offices right now: Brad, Vinny, Jeff, Rorie, and Drew. Rorie is mainly involved with the community, Vinny and Drew are on video, and then there is Jeff and Brad. If they had two more staff plus an intern they might be able to get away with it but not right now.

So no, I am not irate about the duders not doing an endurance run every week out of the year.

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@tearhead: Just remember this. If you believe in God then remember that He created man with the intelligence and ability to learn and understand things like science, medicine, and more. Evolution isn't anti-religion and Christianity, or most religions, aren't anti-science even if some of the followers are. If you look at a god from a scientific perspective you can't fully say, "there is no god" as that is as unprovable as trying to say there is a god. Most people who care to correctly identify themselves will call themselves anti-theists since they understand the difference. Symantics maybe but its still a big difference if you hold true to the skeptic and scientific approach.

There are buttholes on both sides of the debate. Anecdotally I have verbally abused by more people claiming the title of atheist for my religious beliefs than I have by people claiming to be Christian for my scientific beliefs. That doesn't mean anything at all, just saying...its on both sides of the line.

Good on you for attempting to self educate yourself. I just hope you don't get dragged down in the muck.

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@razielcuts: yeah, I remember that. I never cared for the COOP stuff as much as the 1Up Yours stuff. Rev3 has never really hit it off with me in the past.

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I know one man who's happy to be on the OR