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@truthtellah: Coming from a person on website whose staff talked loads of hot mess about some games many of them didn't even play? I think we can all keep this civil. If for some reason it doesn't get that way then that's what mods are for. If we can only praise games then we really can't have any meaningful discussion at all, right?

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@tyrrael: eh, I loved the story and even most of the game play. If people hate on you for thinking otherwise then they need to be taken out for a seafood dinner and never called again. :D

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@shadowconqueror: One word: Mexico :D Game falls apart the second you step foot on Mexican soil.

@adam1808: I didn't think about adding it to the list because I completely forgot about it :D Yeah, I think GTA has a lot of problems.

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I was pretty sad about how predictable the game was. Had I never read a book, seen a movie, or played a video game before then the plot twists would probably have been great...but sadly I am 28 years old and have experienced a lot of fiction in my day and nothing in Brothers worked for me: the Sim-ish language, the predictable plot, every twist shown a mile away, and the not fun controls. People can love Brothers and I think its an OK game but I also think its 2013's Most Overrated Game of the Year. As a side note, I don't think the art direction or music are that standout either so I couldn't even give it "bonus points" for those.

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Brothers is quickly becoming most overrated of 2013 :D Still, glad its getting some love. Still find it funny it beat out Last of Us for best ending. I found every turn of the game to be incredibly predictable.

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I wish I could have liked Revengance more. I love Metal Gear but the game was just too lame for me.

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@giantalston: I will say that I think the game gets incredibly easy incredibly fast. That's why I only played about 4 hours or so. No encounter, even the ones I knew were supposed to be tough, actually put me in any danger.

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Thanks for reminding me about Outlast coming to PS4! I loved that game on PC and if given the chance I will get it again on PS4. Even if its not free for a while after it releases on PS4 it was only $20 so I can't see it being more expensive. Hopefully it releases around January/February. Same for Octodad.

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I am pretty excited for Matt Smith to be gone; it took me a while to warm up to him but he never really sold it for me. I like, literally, every other Doctor more than Smith. Honestly though, this is more Moffat's fault than Smith's. I also hope Moffat can get away from the darker tone of most of Smith's run and get back to something resembling fun and light again.

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I bought the Wind Waker edition of the WiiU in October and got the PS4 on launch day.