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@humanity: I really do believe this game had to have had a major setback, or complete rethinking many of the mechanics, at some point late in development; its far too polished to have been just a year ago (especially when the build I played in "pre-alpha" was seen/played at e3 last year all the way to late April). However, I cannot believe the final product is what Bungie actually wanted to put out. Like you said, the hype train, even from Bungie, made this even worse. To scoff at people who were worried about content actually makes me kind of upset.

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@nevalis: Sadly, just about every single thing about the game is convoluted. While I keep playing the game I honestly have lost a little bit of respect for Bungie after Destiny's release.

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I've started going to the gym again, full time, about 4-5 days a week. I do cardio and some light weight training.

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Nice guide. I found it, relatively, easy to get to light level 27. I had quite a few marks by the time I hit 20. Then I just played Vanguard and Crucible playlists until I hit 3 and bam, there it was.

I really wish they had some way to convert currencies. You use to be able to purchase Strange Coins with Glimmer, but they almost immediately took that out with Xur's first appearance. They stated "too many people were using it", which is an idiotic thing to say as I'm not sure how they didn't account for people taking advantage of that...same thing with breaking down the legendary items from the Queen's Wrath missions. In terms of marks, Vanguard marks and Motes of Light are fairly useless in the grand scheme of things. I've been stockpiling them just in case they manage to release something worth buying with them.

Odd note: This last week's exotic weapon from Xur only cost 21 Strange Coins, which I thought was weird. Went ahead and picked it up since I assumed the Suros Regime (the one of two weapons dominating the lackluster, and falsely advertised, Iron Banner event) wouldn't be back for 2-3 weeks.

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Holy shit.

Seriously, holy shit. I'd buy a print of these. Do you do commissions? I'd seriously talk to you about a commission.

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Well, if I am not mistaken Gear Box didn't dev the Pre-Sequel...right? So I am more than comfortable in thinking that they are working on Borderlands 3 for PC and Nextgen (only) while they also create that (terrible looking) MOBA thing they have coming.

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Didn't think I would be able to but I am now officially able to stream at least 24 hours! Super excited!

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Hey guys, I was going to be participating in my first Extra-Life stream this October 25th (already part of the GB team). I didn't know if anyone knew of any decent, and cheap/free, Twitch overlays that I can use and freely edit if needed? I don't use one right now when I stream from PS4 or PC but I thought I would try and get something for the charity stream. I tried Googling around to find something but didn't really see anything I was especially fond of.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! As a side note I only have Gimp as an editor currently. Thanks for any help.

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Yeah I cannot even find the PS+ edition yet.

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This will be my first year doing Extra-Life. I was able to get my work schedule switched around so now I can do a full 24 hour + stream. Pretty excited. Definitely checking out this podcast for some tips.