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@trafalgarlaw: Again, as I said, I have quite a few trophies and mine takes nowhere near 20 minutes. Since trophy data is stored locally until synced I think that's an issue with the HDD or the system more than the trophy syncing issue otherwise when I sync on PS3 I would have more issues than that.

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I don't think anyone has any real right or standing to call someone crazy for a decision they make like this. That being said, I have only purchased 6-8 3DS games and already have purchased the same amount of Ps4 games. Having owned both a Vita and a 3DS I have definitely fallen on the side of preferring my Vita. That being said, I think there are some fine 3DS games if you want to get one.

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@carryboy: yeah, I am a level 20 on PSN and my trophies don't take anywhere near that long to sync. On Vita and PS4 it takes about 10 seconds and on PS3 it takes about 3-5 minutes at most.

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Takes ages? You mean, you never had enough time to take no more than a few minutes to sync trophies? Definitely sucks but if you couldn't even take the time to sync then I would surmise it really wasn't that important to you in the first place...As other commenters have said all of that data is on the HDD. As long as you can load the HDD and then sync it you will still retain those trophies.

Also, if you have PSN+ trophies sync automatically...I am pretty sure on PS3 you don't even need PSN+ any longer.

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January 4th? I don't even think it shows up on the NA PSN until tomorrow.

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So I have a pretty cool (in my opinion) Captain America hoodie. Blue and Black balls of lint are now showing up on the white areas and it seems nearly impossible to just pick them all off and its not like I can just use a lint roller to get them off. After I wash it, inside out, I hang dry but I am thinking my wife may have put it in the dryer once? Any recommendation for what you bombers might due is appreciated.

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I can't think of a film that legitimately scared me but seeing Paranormal Activity (the first one) before the hoopla started was pretty good. I think the theater really needed great speakers for that movie to work well.

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Silent Hill is getting close to it for me.

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@mclargepants: I would agree with all of that. Doubly agree about Ryan.

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@alexw00d: I googled Calendar and looked at my physical calendar. Both start with Sunday. Every image of a calendar in Google Images started on a Sunday. At least the first few pages worth that I cared about...That and traditional Christian calendars, which modern calendars are derived from, start on Sundays as well. I live in the US and always have and all of my calendars that I can ever remember start on Sunday.

While there might be some calendars that start with Monday as the first day of the week, the traditional view on the first day of the week is Sunday. You're the first person I've ever seen really question that.