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I know one man who's happy to be on the OR

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So I downloaded episode 1 of Walk Dead: Season 2 on my Vita this morning. So far I am really pleased with the better looking UI but even more pleased that the game isn't a total trash port like Season 1 was. However, then they go and do it...they make me have a little bit of feels for a dog and naturally the thing goes ape shit and attacks me. Then I feel I have to put it out of its misery and then I feel like a total piece of garbage...over killing a fake dog. In all honesty, I felt more about one that decision than I did anything in Season 1 of Walking Dead. How screwed up is that? I know that it feels we are more prone to get upset in films when dogs die, but the second I ran into the dog I almost predicted Tell Tale would take the path of using the dog as a manipulative tool.

Has this happened to you in a game? Maybe I was a little more prone to the reaction since my dog was injured recently, but still.

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I want to go back to it but I haven't yet.

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No, I don't need it. I find there are times when I want it. I used to think I couldn't sleep at night without music or the radio on (I used to fall asleep listening to Art Bell :D) but I've found that I don't when I forced myself not to. I think that as our modern society gets more "busy" that we are becoming more dependent on noise all the time. Just like when some people tell me they can't do stuff without headphones in their ears.

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@galacticgravy: Outside of noticing I think the game is just OK at best I also have noticed that not many people use mics. Then again, I am used to this as most people don't use them and if they do they are either yelling at their kids or blaring their shitty rap music.

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I think that if it actually worked like it should then Battlefield 4 would be 5 stars.

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@hailinel: oh I totally know how I feel about it :D . I've never had a high opinion of N'Gai Croal because of the plethora of stuff I've heard him say.

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I just got through playing the Walking Dead "season 1" for a second time, this time on PS Vita. Wow...I have to say...time away from that game and a second play through really makes think less of that game. I didn't realize how bad the game play, story, or dialogue was. Fables is a much, much better game so far. Most of the options in season 1 of Walking Dead are horrible contrived and so are many of the dialogue options. I thought 400 Days might have been better: Nope. Also, I love how for no reason at all every person you come across thinks they need to be the one to take care of Clementine, which really got old quick.

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@bane122: I literally lol'd here in the office when I saw that. Thumbs up. To add flavor, I'll post original concept art of the demon dogs!

Also, happy anniversary Rorie! I'm glad you're back with the crew.

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Sounds like a weird formatting bug