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Show sucked, hard. The WAY that Ambrose/Wyatt match ended was stupid. Basically they showed Wyatt is a moron who can't win unless his opponent is even more of a moron.

The bumps in the Harper/Ziggler match made me cringe. I thought Harper broke his arm at one point. Sometimes I think these matches have to stop.

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OK, so typically big games aren't released in the last month of the year (however, it has happened in the past). In terms of GOTY awards, for Giant Bomb specifically, do we know how this would be handled? Let's say that a Shadow of Mordor or something else was released on 12/16. Obviously that would be too late to be in the GOTY deliberations, but does that mean it would be considered in 2015's? Would that game be forgotten entirely in terms of GOTY deliberations of the years it was released or the next?

Just something that crossed my mind. Totally a hypothetical, but something that interested me.

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I play a lot of table top and I am even the VL for my local Pathfinder Society lodge. However LARP is not for me. I might enjoy it if I ever did it, however I don't want to try it. There are some lines a man, or woman, shouldn't cross. In my case that line is larp. For one I don't find it structured enough. That being said, given the right group of people/friends, I am sure I might enjoy it if there was an actual system of rules that made sense/was easy to follow.

On a side note, I talked to Jim Butcher about larp last year when he came to town for a convention (that he only came to so he could larp) and I found out how into the hobby he is.

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many game are too bad now, but this one looks good. will be on my goty delibarations for sure next year

I can't tell if you're being serious because none of this sentence makes sense to me.

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I personally don't find watching videos of a game, even one you're using a walkthrough for, the same as playing it. Try what you can on your own and then, if you feel you need to, use a guide. Some of the enjoyment in the King's Quest games is dying and seeing what happens when you do things different ways.

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I feel like I'm in a minority as I found the online to be kind of bad: poor P2P netcode, maps that didn't truly take advantage of what mobility you're given, and poor killstreak implementation left me wondering why I wasn't just playing Battlefield 4 (different style shooter but I find it more enjoyable, even from a TDM perspective). I really liked the story but because my glitched out and didn't save my progress I lost everything I did. I don't think Ghosts single player was better but the online is at least just as good.

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I would disagree, and I really don't like/agree with this line of thinking. Divinity is what Divinity should be and Dragon Age:Inquisition is what DA:I should be. They are unique experiences with their own pros and cons. Like another person said, the story in Divinity is flat and boring. I would even say the characters are largely in the same boat. While the story in DA:I isn't setting the world on fire I would say I like it, and many of the characters, more than those in Divinity.

Divinity is also much harder to get through in terms of time commitment which means it loses out on a larger number of its potential audience. Does that mean Divinity shouldn't be that? No, it does not, but it also doesn't mean that DA:I is a worse game for not being that. I do agree DA:I could have been harder, but that's up to the player. 99% of the games released these days are fairly easy on what is considered/labeled "normal" difficulty, so a gamer should know to approach games with this in mind. I will say that if I had to play DA:I in the tactical view for most of the combat I wouldn't enjoy it as much.

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@ch3burashka: Indeed there is, but sadly I have no idea what to think of it. They cast a really young dude to play Holden, which I never pictured him as anything but in his mid to late fourties. They got the person I pictured, when reading, to play Chrisjen and Thomas Jane will play Miller. I just have 0 idea what they plan on doing in terms of story. Going off of how well they adapted The Dresden Files I don't have much faith, but I will still be tuning in to see how it turns out.

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Sometimes you get a clear example of "trying too hard". This is one of those times.

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My suggestions

1. Rainbow Six : Tom Clancy

2. Timeline: Michael Crichton

3. Leviathan Wakes: James S.A. Corey

4. Patient Zero: Jonathan Maberry

5. Jurassic Park: Michael Crichton

6. Ready Player One: Ernest Cline

7. The Quantum Thief: Hannu Rajaniemi

8. I Am Legend: Richard Matheson

9. Hell House: Richard Matheson

10. The Mist: Stephen King

I specifically chose books that are easy to digest but aren't what I would call "fluff". I also didn't suggest any fantasy books since Dan is apparently deathly allergic to those. I think ten of these are fantastic. Even Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is a great book for those who don't typically like Clancy. Not everything in this list has a movie to go with it, but I really hope that's not the criteria for this potential podcast/club thing. I think that will really limit what good books we could get into.

Edit/Update: I realized I meant to add 10 suggestions but only put down 9. I added The Mist because I think its a pretty great story as well as an interesting film. I also think its a great comparison of how a movie can create a better ending/conclusion than a book can. There's also some great references to other King works in both the book and the film AND this story was one of the inspiration's for Half-Life so there's a slight video game tie-in as well.