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I bought the Wind Waker edition of the WiiU in October and got the PS4 on launch day.

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I have played a little bit of ridiculous fishing but thoughts on tablet and phone gaming is at about a 3 out of 10. Anything close to interesting doesn't hold my attention long and I just go to 3ds or Vita if I want mobile gaming. The last mobile/tablet game I really liked was Star Command on Android. Ridiculous Fishing was fun, but being on my iphone I played it about 2-3 hours total and then felt I had "completed" the game gotten all I realistically could from it. Year Walk is great but you can get everything possible out of the game, with 0 replay value, in about 2 hours or less.

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Oh no I've read it. I think you need to as well. You see the IPCC has actually downgraded their worries from the last time they released their report.

1. Rate of warming is smaller.

2. Median Sea level rises are drastically smaller than predicted

3. Himalayan glaciers disappearing were removed from the report where it existed last time as we as storms and weather phenomenon getting more powerful such as cyclones.

4. They also removed the warning that temperatures would rise up to 6 degrees in this century alone.

5. They've admitted their models are having trouble relating to what is actually happening such as sea ice growing, virtually no warming since the last nineties. They've even cast doubt on being able to use their models to predict weather and climate on a small scale such as predicting severe draught or rainfall in a native area.

Or, you can just keep sounding like a crazy person talking about conspiracies and lizard people...and also linking to an IPCC report that refutes what you are talking about. Merry Christmas!

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I really liked Year Walk but I wish there was more to it.

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My UPlay ID is Sammo85. I wouldn't mind some UPlay friends for the benefits in AC4.

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@tru3_blu3: You mean the global warming driven by BS, fear mongering, and money or the natural climate change of our planet? You know it was hotter in Roman and Greek times than it is now?

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Honestly, I bought a Vita on day 1 and never regretted it. I bought a 3DS on day one and wished I waited until about 6 months ago to get one. People, like Patrick, shit on the Vita but they really don't know anything about it apparently because its a great system with plenty of great games. Haters gonna hate.

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@nick: 99 mbps DL/95 mbps UL. On EPB Fiber Optics.

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Are FFX and X-2 worth playing now? I never played either of those two.