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@roadshell: I kind of agree though I don't think its a game at all. Hearing praise for this kind of ticks me off at all the people who weren't joking when they say games like Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain "aren't games".

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Honestly? I just try and pick the best one. :p

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Saying something is overrated is the epitome of arrogance and fundamental misunderstanding/disregard for what opinions are.

I figured arrogance was coming into a thread and essentially telling everyone in participation that you're too good for it.

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If anything I think we've learned that large scope games are often the most unpolished and full of bugs/glitches. Bigger is not always better. While I do love Assassins Creed 4 it almost suffers from the same problems of GTA V where there are so many things to do yet most of them just aren't fun.

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Hello! I hope you enjoy your stay. Don't be a stranger!

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I found that this year I was pretty disappointed with how things fell on game of the year. More than any year before was I shocked certain games were on the list AT ALL. Gone Home, Brothers, Dota 2 all on the list? Dogs and cats living together...mas hysteria.

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@tobyus: I personally have enough games to play: Killzone, Battlefield, Need For Speed, Zen Pinball 2, Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve, Assassins Creed 4, Fifa, and whatever else is coming. Granted, many of those games can be played on pre-current gen systems and PC.

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Yeah, that was pretty dumb. I can't see the point in a full length film as many premises like this do better in short 5-10 minute doses. A perfect example was when Aqua Teen Hunger Force decided to make a full movie. Glad they found enough people to give them money .

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I enjoyed hearing Patrick in the past complain about a game like Heavy Rain being "emotionally manipulative" but then loves Brothers story...which is attempting to be incredibly emotionally manipulative.

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@gtcknight: I will occasionally go for hard playthroughs on the first go around, but very rarely now. I've found you can spot a game's flaws and annoyances far sooner on a hard playthrough than any other. Gears of War was like this. I went through the first game on Insane mode by myself all the way until the final boss. Then you realize its not about strategy but just sponging bullets for hours.