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@joshwent: That, apparently, is not an option...its the same type of "interesting" opinion as when someone doesn't like a TV and that is enough grounds for them to think it shouldn't be on TV. Not that they can't just not watch the program, but it also has to not exist as well.

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@ramone: Even films like the Marvel Cinematic movies don't make you wait until all the credits are over, lol. Those are really the only films I stick around for after the credits roll.

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@mmmman: Games like Assassins Creed will never be driven by the community. That's a big budget, AAA title...those has huge teams, production plans, and a budget that doesn't lend itself to such a direction. I am interested in what makes you think that the first AC was "uncompromising". I guess this is a semantics argument, but I found it to be the series without question literally rinsing and repeating the exact same 4-5 concepts in the same order for 12-13 missions.

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I think the last great era of gaming was the late 90s: Metal Gear Solid, Ocarina of Time, Half-Life, Thief, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, Starcraft, etc, etc, etc, etc.

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I think the biggest problem is that people expect after credit stingers and are upset they "have" to sit through the credits. I don't understand that argument at all. If its that important then why not Youtube it after you've beaten the game and get it even faster?

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Why are we worried about credits? Why do we think that credits matter? Who is this person forcing you to sit through the credits?

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Oh man, I do not envy him. By the time I got to Arkham Origins I would be pulling my hair out. Hell, I played Arkham Origins well after playing City and still disliked it greatly. Either way, good luck to him. I hope to be streaming Child's Play stuff next year.

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@xalienxgreyx: If I only wanted to absorb the game then I wouldn't be watching/listening to Endurance Runs :D

@ramone: Greatly appreciated!

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Battlefield 4 has had the most comments out of my gaming group through a party chat or group chat. The weather changes, audio presentation, and graphics quality add up incredibly well in my book.

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I had a great time at Pacific Rim and saw it at IMAX 3 times...Thor 2 was really fun too. This conversation will probably be different, on my end, after I see The Wolf of Wallstreet next week.