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You know, for all that money I am going to say "emulators".

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Only thing good was the 24 teasers and the Captain America: Winter Solder trailer.

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I will be honest...

all the transformers just look like shitty tribal tattoos on some drunk college footballer's forearm to me.

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If I read this out loud do the deadites come?

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I have had a harder time getting my single player save to not get corrupted than I have with anything in mutliplayer. My friend just had it happen to him again last week on PS4. This has kept me from going through and getting platinum on the game as I have all the mp trophies from the core game (1 trophy away for china rising dlc).

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Screw that I wanna see more messenger bags!

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@bawlzinmotion: I would disagree with some of that. I loved both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City but was thoroughly underwhelmed with Arkham Origins, not to mention the marketing for that game lied to every single person that it reached. Arkham Origins was one of my most disappointing games of 2013.

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I have been using the Chrome app that notifies you when a Twitch user you follow goes live, which is pretty useful when I am at work. This is pretty cool as well.

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So, at the end of the day when it comes down to people telling us that graphics aren't everything we are getting people who are praising PCs over console (and in many cases saying consoles don't need to be around)...because the graphics are better. kk, we can all go home now.

Meanwhile, many of us will be playing Dark Souls 2 on March 11th/March 14th...

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Great post, but as another user said I don't think the game needs defending; it won numerous game of the year awards.

I do wish there was a Skyrim like game set in a more DnD or Pathfinder situated world, but I found Skyrim to be fun. I will say I found the writing in Oblivion to be better than in Skyrim. I also found the side missions to be better and more thought out in Oblivion. I do think Skyrim had a more coherent and fun main storyline. That being said, I still think Skyrim was fun.