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@octaslash: So, a YouTuber has a hyperbolic "personality" (who is clearly mentally unstable) and that justifies or proves something? I mean, the polite and respectful way for me to respond to that is, "Please tell me you aren't serious."

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@thelark: Sure can! I think the PS3 handled things the same way too.

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I think there needs to be a distinction here:

1. There is very little actual critiquing of video games in the "enthusiast press".

2. The vast majority of what goes on with places like Gamespot, IGN, Kotaku, and more is preview coverage, opinion pieces, and reviews.

3. There is also very little actual journalism going on and more preaching at you for liking things that are "too violent", "too sexist", "not inclusive enough", or anything else you can pull out of a hat. Poorly cited facts, lazy "research", and more shows where much of what is considered "journalism" in the gaming industry is really just opinionated coverage of a topic. Patrick once said that objective coverage was dumb...or something like that? I can't remember the quote, but he was basically pushing for subjective coverage of topics...which is why the vast majority of ALL real journalism sucks these days. They want to mold the narrative of a topic. (update: user @marokai was kind enough to provide the proper context to this bit about Patrick's comment. You can see it in the next post)

Personally, I wouldn't mind it if Giant Bomb had no real news coverage of any kind. That was most of what Patrick brought to the site, and outside of the occasional interesting interview or once in a blue moon scoop I always found that kind of coverage to not really add anything to Giant Bomb. I considered it the equivalent of Comedy Central hosting 60 minutes every Sunday: what's the point? I know it probably brought in random traffic from non-members, but...I don't know, who cares?

Sites like Polygon and Kotaku have opinion pieces where they want to tell you their message and they find the ways to best do that. You can take some free time and look up Polygon's message: essentially that they are taking a stance to provide a politically sided opinion to video game coverage.

I don't want to talk about GamerGate. I think its possible to discuss it, even at GB, with decency and respect BUT some people on both ideological sides eventually kill that idea with toxicity so it becomes easier for mods to just glass the whole thread for the good of the board...I agree with that stance. That being said, if there wasn't something to some of the things brought up from September to December then so many sites wouldn't have updated their policies. I don't believe that anyone at most of those sites said, "We need to placate these GamerGate fools so they will shutup!"(I was using my best J Jonah Jameson voice for that) Some people like the honorable Jim Sterling in fact made it known that he thought making the process and site policies more transparent was a bad idea. I think ultimately it came down to this: a largely tight knit, and friendly, group of people in the same business didn't like the idea of people who simply read their stuff dictating how they run their sites and so they turned against them. There were very few rational voices in the mix, like Eric Kain, who basically called everything perfectly...but whatever. He has been on the receiving end of people like the honorable Ben Kuchera.

Either way, you want good games journalism see people like Robert Ashley, Eric Kain, and a select few others who can do good reporting no matter what the subject. I would lump Patrick Klepeck in their, mostly, as well, but I think he was too often worried about interjecting his own message in the work. That's what annoys some people.

Updated: Here's a few good examples of what I personally consider good game's journalism. Hell, the first example isn't really from someone you might consider a journalist, as he's one of the creators behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. He has one of the few rational and exceptional pieces of retort in regards to Feminist Frequency (there are at least 2 writers for that)

  • Robert Ashley's A Life Well Wasted series. Unfortunately he hasn't updated it in a while, but he is a fantastic writer as well.
  • Forbe's Erik Kain. You might be familiar with him already, but he's the guy that Ben Kuchera tried to run out of the industry with hardly anyone backing him up but non-industry gamers.
  • Several others, like those (formerly) from Gamefront: Janelle Bonanno, Phil Hornshaw, and Greg Tito. Fairly certain all three of them, or at least 2, are looking for work currently because of Gamefront being shut down :(

@nardak I think that comic was made in reference to Dan Hsu's post-360 launch interview with Peter Moore. Was pretty harsh, but fair. I also brought that up in response to the whole Peter Molyneux thing the other day. Interesting comparison between Hsu's interview with Moore and Rock, Paper, Shotgun's with Molyneux.

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Honestly, you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a headset. PC headsets and decent earbuds work on a PS4. I used my Logitech gaming headset on the PS4 for a while as well.

Frankly, I find the $300 gaming headsets to be a bit of a rip off, personally.

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Outside of new Zelda games, nope. I bought the Majora's Mask special edition, but I left it unopened as I am still deciding if I want to sell it and just buy the regular edition.

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@flasaltine: You're absolutely right. I started watching through them as I did various things and the quality really dropped in that season; its unwatchable now.

@octaslash Yeah, no. If you think that video is real or indicative of anything serious then I have a great opportunity on a time share I'd like to discuss with you.

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Yes, you can do this. Basically, if you buy and start downloading on the Malaysian account the game still shows up when you log into your other account; its the same concept as having a Japanese account and buying games to play on your North American profile.

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@jimbo: Don't forget some people, who don't need to be named, were actively part of a group and tried to get everyone in said group to blacklist certain individuals in the industry.

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@corevi: Sorry, I misread the post. Didn't see you quoting @trafalgarlaw, thought you were asking! I corrected it.

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18% of people who voted have got to be kidding.

Seriously, this show was just bad. Forget whether or not they are being accurate to anything, there wasn't one legitimately good thing about this episode outside of its ability to be mocked. Erik Kain at Forbes has a fantastic article on this incredibly ignorant episode here. Erik Kain is one the few remaining people outside of Giant Bomb that I actually respect in the gaming press and he proved to me why, again.

Video game conventions, anime conventions, genre conventions...none of them are anything like what is portrayed in this episode.

@trafalgarlaw Not sure if joking? He's been acting since the early 80s. Maybe you were crackin' wise on his acting skills? Either way, he is an actor. I would say he's one of those actors who is only best in very specific roles though...