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I would say that, right now, Sony and Steam are the easiest to track as you can easily pull trophy data and Steam achievement data. However, with as easy as it is to hack Steam achievements I wonder what the point is in even tracking those.

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@bollard: huh? What do you mean? All the places who take pre-orders that I've ever been to only ask for $5...

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@alexw00d: its an option, honestly. I know that most people only shell out the minimum (typically $5). I only ever get games from Gamestop when I want it on a midnight release. Normally I will get a game from Amazon and have it delivered same day so it shows up about an hour before I come home from work.

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I hope so, but I don't know. I have it paid off and I am getting it but I hope its more than just a half assed modern assassins creed but with hacking.

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I remember having Twilight Princess preordered at...Game Crazy? That was like 2 years before the game came out (as they never had a locked down release date at the time). I think I paid like $10 but I never got my money back or my copy of the game from that store.

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@alexw00d: When I preorder games at Gamestop I pay for them in full...

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How is this any different than going to a store and preordering a game? I mean...are you really that outraged by this? Seems a bit much. I know certain game retailers have had games up for pre-order at least a year before the title's release...

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Sometimes I look at a pepperoni and I'm like how are you this.

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This feel like some Bioware levels of story contrivance.