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@alexw00d: its an option, honestly. I know that most people only shell out the minimum (typically $5). I only ever get games from Gamestop when I want it on a midnight release. Normally I will get a game from Amazon and have it delivered same day so it shows up about an hour before I come home from work.

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I hope so, but I don't know. I have it paid off and I am getting it but I hope its more than just a half assed modern assassins creed but with hacking.

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I remember having Twilight Princess preordered at...Game Crazy? That was like 2 years before the game came out (as they never had a locked down release date at the time). I think I paid like $10 but I never got my money back or my copy of the game from that store.

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@alexw00d: When I preorder games at Gamestop I pay for them in full...

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How is this any different than going to a store and preordering a game? I mean...are you really that outraged by this? Seems a bit much. I know certain game retailers have had games up for pre-order at least a year before the title's release...

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Sometimes I look at a pepperoni and I'm like how are you this.

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This feel like some Bioware levels of story contrivance.

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I find it to be in the exact same, maybe worse, position that the Wii was in my gameplay habits; it does not exist. I own a WiiU, the Zelda Wind Waker edition, and it just sits there. I never have a good reason to turn it on and there aren't better options for me to play anything on the WiiU opposed to my PS3 or PS4.

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Wait, are you telling me that a minority of people on the internet are overtly vocal about something most people don't care about?


Anyway, Shenmue is all kinds of terrible: interesting ideas executed poorly. The Yakuza games are better versions of that stuff honestly.