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As an added thing, I think its worth noting someone created a GoFundMe as a response to people raising money for the Pizza restaurant and its merely gotten $40k so if someone was upset they should put their money where their mouth is :

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Boy, listening to the "Extra" PowerBombcast that we got...shaking my head so hard at Giancarlo and Dan mark out for HHH (awful) entrance. Normally I'm heavily in the "everyone has an opinion!" camp...but that was categorically bad...also, no matter what they try to say it definitely WAS product placement for the new Terminator movie. There was a freaking clip of Arnold dressed up like he is in the new movie with (terrible looking) glowing red eyes!

Like Jeff said, being there live definitely skewed their opinion on terrible stuff. I've posted it before, but most of them talking about Wrestlemania felt like this:

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I love how people were horrified and hated Yelp extortion previously, but when its used by non-patrons to shut a business down they don't like its awesome.

@egg: No, they actually never refused to cater anything. They were asked by someone if they would, hypothetically, and they said no. They actually never refused to do anything yet.

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@afabs515: Make the game more like Dark Souls? You don't understand that Zelda caters to more than just a niche audience, right? I mean, I'm in that niche audience...but yeah, never gonna happen.

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Nope, always tried but never succeeded.

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Just to check, the rankings/score from Wrestlemania predictions haven't gone up yet have they?

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Really hard for me to get into the Anime Vice and Comic Vine communities. Seems all the "Communities" really wanted to do was make fanboy threads about "x character vs x character". I would constantly try and start discussions or reply and no one talks; its just "SUPERMAN VS GOHAN"...screw that noise,

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All of my Kickstarters have done well so far.

  • Queen of Nothing - Tim Pratt novel. Unsure, just finished. Expect good thing. Pending
  • Dagon - Graphic novel by Ben Templesmith. Just finished, expect good things.Pending
  • Ghostbusters: the board game. Just finished, expect good things.Pending
  • Abbadon - Graphic novel from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. They've done several of these; it will be good.Pending
  • Pirate Loot - Card game from the creator of Pathfinder RPG. I played this with him personally at DragonCon and loved it; it will be good.Pending
  • Anime Sux stickers - super cheap, but the stickers crack me up. Satisfied. good and released.
  • Temple of Modren RPG (table top) supplement - good and released.
  • Amplitude - unsure, not released yet.Pending
  • Steampunk Cthulhu playing cards - just like it sounds, and they look good. good and released.
  • Denver - Graphic novel from Jimmy Palmiotti - good and released.
  • Darkest Dungeon - in early access, but everything so far looks good. Pending
  • Hero Forge 3D printed table top miniatures - new business model but so far satisfied. good and released.
  • Don't Starve Chester plush - cute and good quality. good and released.
  • Paradise Lost - game - unreleased yet. Pending
  • Rarrr!!! Monster Building Card game - good and released.
  • Fubar: Mother Russia - graphic novel. good and released.
  • Neverending Nightmares - beat the game in about 2 hours on my 24 hour stream last year. Not crazy about finished product. Released but iffy on product.
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera - game, unreleased.Pending
  • Star Citizen - game, unreleased. Pending
  • Monster Hunter International tabletop game - great book, but the HERO system sucks. Released but slightly unsatisfied. Don't regret backing.
  • Leaving Megaopolis - graphic novel from Gail Simone. good and released.
  • Shadowrun Returns - game, good and released.
  • Republique - game, unsatisfied and not happy with finished product.
  • Serpent's Tongue - tabletop CCG. Multiple, long delays. Unsatisfactory released product. Almost ALL backer rewards have yet to be fulfilled. unsatisfied and not happy with finished product. The creators also do not repsond to messages or questions.
  • The Banner Saga - game, good and released.
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Prayers, love, and well wishes your way @danryckert . Take that appendix to suplex city.

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I like that some people say this isn't a real Souls game. Those people are silly.

Also, just because you can't play like you normally do doesn't make it a bad thing.