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I'm actually with you. At this point, I think I could do without both the WiiU AND the Xbone. I bought an XBone for the MCC and had I known what I do now I wouldn't have bought the system.

The WiiU is a waste. I own 3-4 games for the system, but none of them are good enough to justify my purchase, and the time I've put into the system doesn't justify it either. PS4 and PC only could have been my route this generation and I wouldn't be any less off, though I will say I would choose a WiiU over an Xbone one any day of the week at this point.

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At this point in my life I can say this as a person who has played CS fairly consistently for a long time (since the original beta 4). I LOVED CS back in beta. I religiously played it and was fairly good at it. I think beta 6.5 was the best the game's ever been, but whatever. 1.5 sucked, but it was still fun to play. CS:S was fine, but that's when I dropped off but I still played for hundreds of hours in total. CS:GO isn't fun to me, but honestly...I've played CS for like...15-16 years and its not fun anymore.

I will occasionally play with my brother, who hilariously is just now relatively getting into it, but overall I don't care for it. I think CS:S was more fun than GO, but GO is still fine. CS:GO does have some crazy issues with shots reading correctly at times, so I've not taken the game seriously at all. Also, their hardcore push with the typical Valve microtransactions and auction house stuff added to my loathing for their model. I'm still in the camp that TF2 was better before they spun up the hat machine.

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That's strange. Needing to plug it and out makes me think its some odd sync issue.

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OK, real talk: why don't the guys on the Powerbombcast discuss NXT...which is 500x more interesting than anything going on in the main product. Anytime its brought up, I almost feel like Jeff writes off the entire thing because its "developmental". They might as well just call the thing the "WWE Podcast" since they really don't talk about much else.

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@flippyandnod: ah, I see. I thought maybe you were coming at it from a "timeline" perspective.

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@flippyandnod: Why do you say to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious so late? it takes place before 4, 5, and 6...

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Personally, I'm more into Solid Snake. I think some of this might be because of how much I love the first MGS and how it was one of those "gaming milestones" from my childhood, but yeah. I wish we got more of him, honestly. I still think the next MG game will be Kojima bringing this full circle into a remake of Metal Gear where you play as Solid Snake.

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On PS4. Can't connect to friend's games. Either only shows people as online or we get failed to boot.

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The Boss from MGS3...pretty much every leader character from a Metal Gear game.

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I don't know...I just turn off adblock on sites that I don't find creepy or something. I've been a subscriber to GB since the day it started so that's never been an issue with me on GB.