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Take A Chill Pill Asura 0

Asura’s Wrath is Capcom’s latest game for the Xbox360 and Ps3 and is also an original IP. Watching trailers for this game you would think you have one of the most over the top games ever made, but (without hyperbole) that might be the case if you actually had a game to play. Asura’s Wrath takes the Quick Time Event (QTE) idea and beats it to death, sometimes with 6 arms at a time. I will try and be as spoiler free as possible.The story and setting of Asura’s Wrath are never fully explained. We k...

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And By One Disc Bore You... 0

Lord of the Rings: War in the North (WITN for short in this review) is one of the worst types of games for me. The game can’t be completely awful so I write it off and move on nor can it be so good that I can’t wait to absorb every second of it; it has just the right hook for me that its completely mediocre but I keep playing it. I hate those.WITN is basically a hack and slash with some RPG elements thrown in, because as we all know the kids love the RPGs. The story puts you not directly in the ...

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The Green Lantern's Light Shines Brighter Than You Might Expect 3

Green Lantern is a movie tie-in game related to the soon to be released movie of the same name. However like many movie-based games, Green Lantern doesn't rehash or retell the plot of the movie but simply takes place in the same established universe. While there is nothing truly original about its parts, the execution is surprisingly fun and something I am not at all disappointed in experiencing. Green Lantern is basically derived from a formula neither new nor expired:there are lots of bad guys...

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On the Brink of Complete Failure 0

Brink is a game that, when on paper, sounds like it hits the high points: tactical team combat, single player and multiplayer modes that you can play online or solo with bots, persistent characters that you can upgrade, customizable perks and weapons, and also introduces parkour style traversal. Unfortunately Splash Damage, former modders turned game development studio, have come up short yet again even more so than with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.Character customization is average but offers s...

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The Madness Really Is Running Wild 0

I'll try to make this review short but sweet.  This game, WWE Allstars, attempts to bring old school WWE wrestlers along with the current (and albeit infinitely more boring) roster into a package that literally makes everything larger than life.  Unlike most other wrestling titles, Allstars attempts to bring in fighting game aspects into the mix into a unique but highly flawed package.Graphically, WWE Allstars has an interesting look as the characters look more like something you'd see in a cart...

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Home Is Not Where the Heart Is 0

Homefront is the next big shooter for next generation systems and the PC. Brought to you from the writer of Red Dawn and Apocalypse Now, this shooter feels second rate in comparison most shooters in recent memory and some not so recent. I'm not going to go deep into the story as that's about the only thing going for this game, even if the story beats are as subtle as possible, but you play a man rescued by resistance fighters in Korean occupied America. You will go through suburban landscapes...

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The Meat That Can't Be Beat... 0

Super Meat Boy (SMB) can come off as if it is nothing more than a simple platformer falling back on its retro roots.   Everything from the visuals, the music, and its humor can lead you into its spider web of frustration, but if you have the patience and skill you can come out on top and truly feel as if you accomplished something great. Visually the game looks both retro and modern as the games fidelity clearly outshines the retro aesthetic.   The frame rate holds steady, but can sometimes slo...

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Definitely Walk Into the Light 9

Tomb Raider what does that bring to your mind at first: Large chests (literally on both counts), British accents, destroying the fauna of foreign countries, or being Indiana Jones with much finer thighs?  If any of those come to mind, you are definitely thinking of Tomb Raider...or my custom "sexy time" DnD campaign.  Now, let me throw some things at you and you tell me if you think these represent Tomb Raider:  isometric view, two stick shooter style combat, an upgrade system similar to last y...

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Are You Ready For Some Combat? 0

Monday Night Combat (MNC) is a game that, in my opinion, is easy to dismiss based on looks alone.  You have the Team Fortress 2 art style and zany character depictions, class based combat, upgrade options, and custom class abilities so nothing new there.  How about adding tower defense into that...and what would you say about dashing in a little third person shooting as well?  Yeah, this book cannot be judged by its cover.   I won't go into any sort of detail about classes as you can easily Go...

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