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@awesomeusername: Yeah, i figured they may have sold it. It's the person they sold it to that you can seek more information on who it was bought from.

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@Sogeman: Those things you mentioned were the first things that were done. I personally wanna find the thief just to meet them in person because i know the police won't find them. Yes i know the idea i posted sounds rather far-fetched.

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So my cousin's house was robbed the other day. Everything worth anything in his house was stolen including his PS3 he just got for Christmas and his sister's macbook pro she just got.

Assuming the PSN account will be used, I was hoping maybe someone might be able to befriend the person who uses his account to find out more information about the thief or if someone knows how to track the PS3.

My cousin's PSN account name is: Bikbootyhoez

Yeah, i know, weird name huh? My cousin plays Battlefield 3 and thought it would be a funny name to use.