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@ArchScabby: Watch it or not, just rather than give a whole post worhts of points. You can see those in the video. Its up to you :)
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 During the last couple of weeks me and my friend finally decided to make a video and review black ops, you can watch it here if your at all intrested...

If not, i just want to ask you guys, comparing the campaighns of both games, what one was better? They were different in alot of ways, within the review we talk about the pros anc cons and compared it too MW2. Check it out and join in with our discusssion.    

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Wondered if we had any fellow wrestling fans on here? 
If so, check my thoughts on wrestling here.   

What did you gusy think of TLC?
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Levio91 said:
"Hes a child killer... I cant see how this guy could say this below.

That video was before anyone knew he actually murdered his child.
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Theres no need to be a twat, i was just wondering.

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I thought it was coming because of live being down for 24 hours?
If so when is it going to actually release?

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Lemegeton, i know where your coming from, people are just clueless about the whole thing and start running there mouths, i wouldn't give them any ammunition as they will keep doing it
just fucking idiots, who dont have a clue about the topic and think all wresters are on steriods blah blah, just what the general american public sterotype the buisness as and its sad.

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Chicken burgers > Hamburgers
in my opinon anyway

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I think alot of it is luck to be honest, like it took alot of time but eventually i got it at the airport
there's also some kind of glitch to make the achievement alot easier apparently, search for the achievement glitch on YouTube

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Rock Band > Guitar Hero

End of conversation in my opinion