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Please spare yourself this tedium until you've watched the credits and used the new tools they give you to watch the clips you missed. If you still think seeing them in order matters, maybe YouTube will have it by then.

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I have yet to care about the game, controversy, or Pitts' review, which...I can't imagine getting that emotionally invested in a game I dislike. However, Rohrer has crossed a line that's beyond silly inside baseball developer/journalist politics. He's just a bad human being. When a decent human being asks you to stop involving them in a thing they find indecent, you fucking stop. I'll give you a pass if you don't know the protocol about asking permission, but the asshole is just saying no, no, no.

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Need for Speed. Maybe AC4.

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Please visit my quiet town of Inaba for cherries and a wealth ordinance. I'm getting pretty desperate for a fishing rod at this point. Rumor has it the new pig in town is DTF, btw.

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Anybody sitting on a pile of eggs to trade? I've got 1100 of them at the moment. I've tried the silent quid pro quo thing with a couple of you, but it gets hard to be sure who's doing what.

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Eufloria HD. There's a QL of the PC version, and it controls very well on the iPad. I really liked The Room. I have a hard time recommending it because it's short and a reductionist could describe it as a pixel hunt, but it looks great and I found some of the puzzles really satisfying. Continuity 2. It's been a while since I played it, but it's a nice puzzle platformer that was made for touch. Waking Mars is worth researching. It's not my kind of iPad game, but it seemed interesting early on.

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I use a 3-year-old 4x2 switch from MonoPrice to split my HTPC and consoles between my living room and kitchen. Never had any issues with it. I sometimes have to restart my 360 to get video going initially. Probably a timing thing with my Harmony macro, but it's not annoying enough to troubleshoot.

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I'm a big fan of journalism navel-gazing (negative connotation excepted). It's an interesting struggle to watch, but I don't feel like it affects me in general. I follow a variety of people and end up evaluating them over long periods of time, so I feel pretty good about the information I get in the end. If someone is an outlier, I can give them more or less weight based on that history. I think us informed navel-gazers are more concerned on behalf of the folks who only read a 100 word review from a Sun freelancer who has no real accountability to a dedicated audience. We see warning signs the mainstream doesn't know to look for. On another note, I'm a "decision-maker" in the world of IT. I could have several free meals a week if I were so inclined, and I've been offered travel to private events at golf courses and amusement parks. For anyone getting a fair wage for a real job, that shit gets old fast. I have better things to do with the 40 hours I give to my job. I don't blame a struggling freelancer for grabbing every freebie they can get, but I also don't pay them much attention. I guess the biggest assumption I make about staffed writers at a leading publication is that they make a decent wage and have all been around long enough to be over the perks.

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Are we killing the site? After getting through many pages, I get a DNS error when I hit next.

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I have a 2010 G25, and I wouldn't hesitate to do Panasonic plasma again in the future. All my non-gaming happens on an HTPC doing DisplayPort->HDMI, and this serves as my PC gaming rig, too. Burn-in is non-existent in my experience, and I've fallen asleep in front of it more times than I can count.

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