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Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate?

More or less fits the bill...

No, that's not it.

I've been trying to think of more things I remember.

  • I may have only ever played the demo version, and if I did, it think it came on a PC demo disc (perhaps one from PC Gamer?) that also had one of the early Heroes of Might & Magic games on it (but perhaps I'm mis-remembering, and that was actually a different disc?).
  • I also remember the game starting in a little witch's hut.
  • I don't think there were any other characters with you inside the hut. (but I could be wrong about that)
  • I feel like the character sprites were also somewhat bigger than Legend of Kyrandia's. Something around the size of Strider's character sprites on the Genesis.
  • I also remember the witch having a black outfit.
  • In the beginning, after leaving your hut, you would travel from left to right.
  • The more I think about it, the less I'm sure that it was an adventure game. I don't remember much action, and there seemed to be a decent focus on story. However, I don't remember many puzzles, and I think you had direct control of the character? It may have been some kind of platformer, but I also don't remember any floating platforms or anything.

Oh man, Hand Of Fate was going to be my guess as it's pretty much exactly what you described.

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The missions you've crafted for the community are really well done. I've had a real blast the last few times I've played, they just kept getting better. The more people wee get, the better these can become, I feel :)

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At this point Giantbomb has two types of fans. Those who believe the site is at an all time low and needs reinvigorating and those who will defend the site until their last breath.

What about me? I'm too detached from everything and too constantly tired to take any stance.

You sir, are an entity entirely unto yourself.

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@samstrife: I'm not sure, dude. I just think that people look at the site's past with rose tinted glasses. The site has never been "perfect", there has always been some mediocre content. Remember The Whiskey Media Hour? That show was, mostly, a shit show (those comics and anime TNT has in my eyes always been veeeeeeeeery hit and miss, mostly miss. It was always at its best when the guys played MP games among themselves (Quake, UT, Dead Island, Fortune Street(!!)), but when they just played a random shooter? That was almost always some boring shit.

Right now, I think the site is as consistently good as it has ever been. I totally understand if people disagree, but that's my take on it. And yeah, they could need a new Thursday live show like the one last thursday. But Jeff said that this was something he wanted to do once they got a couple of new guys, so I'm hopeful about it.

I also understand the people who dismissed this thread with a "bye", even if it's childish. The tone of the OP was very dismissive, especially the part where he said that he couldn't really understand what the crew do all day. That's exactly what people said about Ryan the last year, it was unfair then and it is unfair now. Totally fine to not like the content, but come on now. That's not to say that those kinds of comments add anything to the discussion, of course.

At the end of the day I think we can all agree that we love this site, and we all hope that it will always get better.

OK, you're willing to type to me so I will type back to you. Put simply, there is a very valid point to be made about the quality being better now and that when looking at the past, you're hand picking certain shows and ignoring the rest. Even if the content is better now, the lack of variety is slaughtering it.

What makes the old content seem so great is that they did it once and then never again. It made those moments special and allows me to go back to this day and watch things like The Fortune Street TNT, the Mario Party TNT, The CAH TNTs and still bust a gut laughing every time.

Whenever the crew think they've found something great though now, they beat it like a dead horse until they find something else to latch onto. That's how we ended with with an hour plus of Windjammers a week and are getting close to that level again with Nidhogg now. If they did these games once for a couple of hours and never went back to them again, I have no doubt I'd be able to go and watch that stuff over and over again...but if I see them come on now, I skip them, as it largely involves them sitting around and going through the same motions.

I know it isn't easy to find games that you can be 100% on all the time but to say they aren't out there is wrong. It will, of course, take a little bit of effort for the crew to find them but if my subscription money isn't going to the crew putting in a bit more effort then where on Earth is it going to?

For all the problems the site has, most of them can be quelled with just a bit more variety and less reliance on something that was funny a month ago.

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@humanity: You put it way better that I could have man, well done.

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@samstrife: You're stating that lie it's a fact, like no one can enjoy the site anymore, they're just blind fanboys.

Personally, I've been a member of this site for about four(?) years (in the beginning under another handle, which I lost access to due to...long story), and I do not think I've enjoyed the site in the past as much as I do now.

Oh snap you're Agent47!

You're right though. it's all personal taste. I cannot speak in absolutes about the quality of content because ultimately it lies with each individual. It is pretty telling though that Jeff has had to address the issue multiple times, he wouldn't have had to if he didn't believe the criticisms were worth addressing.

There is good content now, I won't argue that for a second. But to say this is the best stuff in years is a bit of a stretch, surely? In my mind, I know what the site can do to get back to its top form and it isn't an awful amount of change but that's for another forum thread maybe, if I was to type it all up properly it would take me an age. It's not all doom and gloom by any means.

Last week's Puppy Stream gave me hope because it's a shit back to where the content needs to be and I hope we get more of that.

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@narujoe93: You are being such a stereotypical blind defender you're making yourself look bad. Dude, it's fair to level criticisms against something you love. That's what the OP's doing because he hopes it will help make things better.

Do you really think accepting no criticisms, being harsh to the OP and saying people on the internet talk worse is really helping the site?

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At this point Giantbomb has two types of fans. Those who believe the site is at an all time low and needs reinvigorating and those who will defend the site until their last breath.

As many of these threads as there are, I feel it's just as sucky that people come into these threads with no input, they just spit venom at the OP. All these people who just said "bye", I bet you're patting yourselves on the back right now, you sure burnt him, eh?

All these threads are popping up for no reason at all, aren't they? All these people are missing the point, aren't they? All these paying subscribers cancelling their subscriptions is a good thing, we're weeding out the bad community members, right?

Truth be told, the site IS in a funk and if you think otherwise (you'd have to be ignoring Jeff and co. acknowledging the fact for one) then you're just as much a part of the problem. As paying subscribers and fans, it's important we vent our frustrations because if nothing changes and the people paying do leave, then there will be no site. This isn't some billionaire boy's club where money isn't an object, we are keeping the crew in jobs, whether you care to admit that fact or not.

I really do hope the crew pick themselves up soon. I've cancelled my subscription but hope dearly that they produce great enough content that come July (when my time is up) I've already resigned up for the site. If the past few months are any indication though, the few moments of brilliance don't make up for the hours of mundane content.

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@samstrife: Frankly this version already has 3 major typos (including a gender pronoun swap like the one you described) in 50 pages. I'm willing to put up with a few grammatical inconsistencies. Thanks!

Hey no problem man! Hope you enjoy. It's really sad to hear the official translations are so poorly done though :(

@samstrife: The link on your Google doc doesn't have Blood of Elves or The Last Wish it seems. I saw a post by a moderator that says that the links have been removed because the official versions are out. I tried to google search them down but couldn't find anything. Do you have the links for them?

Sorry dude but I cannot in good conscience link you to pirated books on these forums. Besides, the official translations of the first 2 books are pretty alight (you'll get by with them anyway).

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Oh hello, I happened to make a Google Doc just for this spread The Witcher love <3

If you ask me, the fan translations are FAR superior to the official ones (I personally cannot believe how awful that official translation excerpt you posted was.) Sure, in the fan ones, there's a couple of grammatical hiccups here and there (one that sticks out in my mind is accidentally referring to a character as he when it meant she ((even then that was one occasion))) but you get over them pretty easily and the fan translations do a far better job of capturing the original emotions and themes.

Enjoy duder, they're really damn good books.

EDIT: Sorry for being so late to the party, I didn't realise @alexw00d had pestered me until it was too late.

EDIT2: I should also talk about the way you can read the books. All of them have a Google doc you could sit through but SCREW THAT. If you have a Kindle you can download the .mobi files and transfer them straight over or if you have a different type of ebook reader you can put the .epub files on that. I personally put all the epubs onto my Android tablet and read them all with cool reader. Was a great experience.