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Oh shit, that's quite a considerable difference between the two versions! Even when you consider that the Vita version has been blown up on a TV to 1080p, it's still pretty extreme.

That being said, I'd rather sacrifice all the graphics in the world for the ability to play it on my Vita, so it's still a no brainer as to which version to get.

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I hope the Vita version looks and runs nice. That version (for me personally) is the one I want to play the most, just hope it doesn't suffer technically.

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@khann said:

IE11 is not IE8, guys.

This. It's tiring to see that a legitimate bug is being reported and all people can do is make smart comments about a browser they're too insular to realise is actually the fastest out there right now.

ON TOPIC: This has happened with me on Chrome before. From what I can tell, for some reason the there's always a "space" already entered in the reply box by default. This makes the page think you're writing something, thus prompting the message.

One day this randomly stopped happening to me so I can't tell you what steps I took to rectify it. I would check to see if this is what's causing it for you, just so you're certain.

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So they want the longer, more difficult way to find apps? Instead of just tapping the windows key and typing in 2 letters of the program you want and hitting enter? Is it just people resistant to change?

Yup. People think they're so cool hating on Windows 8 still that they're missing out on the slickest way to search for stuff on your PC yet.

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@erhard said:

Whenever someone complains about Windows 8 and they begin by talking about the start menu I can't help but tune out everything else they're saying because they've already proven themselves to be an idiot. Of course you're going to have trouble and complain if you don't bother to learn the most basic features of your new OS.

You press the Windows key, by the way.


I am of the mindset that Windows 8 is the best OS ever released by Microsoft, with Windows 8.1 being the cherry on top.

I think people who think it's bad are so fearful of any change, they're complaining about lack of start menu (as they know it) and ignoring everything that Windows 8 does better than 7 (which is most everything).

The start menu in those pictures looks a ittle bit cramped but ultimately fine...I mean it's pretty much how it is now compressed into a smaller like that would be admittance that you think the current version is also fine.

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Thanks for the heads up dude. I'll keep an eye on this to see if any good offers come along.

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The way they've handled The Wolf Among Us has really left a sour taste in my mouth. 3 months between episodes just isn't fair on the people who bought that game at the start, especially when you consider between Episode 1 and 2, there will have been 2 Steam sales.

Otherwise, my opinion is play the franchise you enjoy the most and ignore the ones you're indifferent on, to avoid being burnt out and hope they can keep the quality high, which I'm sure they will.

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Heads up guys, there looks to be another server wipe coming when the devs fix how insanely overpowered crafted weapons have become.