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Beta trailer!

Looks like it's shaping up to be pretty good.

At first I thought the terrain didn't look too great, but after getting used to it I think it looks amazing, especially lighting is great compared to Terraria. My only gripe is the lack of gore, as it seems everything dies in a puff of smoke, though I think they might add a gore option at some point. The gore in Terraia was more cartoony than anything else and I don't see why we couldn't have a bit of that in Starbound.

I'm with you on this. I'm not going to be able to help my self though and I'm slowly coming to terms with ruining the game by playing the beta to excess. Though the beta only has tier 1-3 content and with 10 tiers set to be in the game, you could see it as doing the early stuff, having a break and then doing the later stuff as it all gets added.

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Yeah all the preview stuff has said really positive things. Look forward to trying it later.

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@pr1mus said:

Edit: Nevermind that, this is really stupid, you clearly aren't interested in either so why even ask. This is a really stupid question.

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I remember this exact same question being asked at the start of the previous generation. The term "Next Gen" was used for the PS3/360 for years, so I'd say we've got it until 2015 at least.

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I loved the old Broken Sword games (even though after playing them again recently, I realised they aren't all that great) but this has largely flown under my radar. I will certainly check it out when it launches.

I am very exited for this, I loved the old 2D games (apart from that goat in the first, that took me ages to get past without internet etc.) . They are still great today. I need to finish the last Deponia game, I will definitely get this.

Oh God that goat!

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@samstrife: Definitely something to try, would be pretty nuts if this turned out to be the issue, since the pc had been working for some time up untill this happened.

Well if it is a case related issue along those lines, it may have only taken a small bump or knock (from say a 2 year old child who likes to touch things) to trigger. Considering he's changed every part, it pretty much has to be an issue with the case...right?

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Hey OP, I had a similar problem installing my Girlfriend's PC and it drove me fucking insane.

Try breadboarding (assembling all the components out of case, on a non conductive surface ((like a wooden table or even the box your motherboard came in))) and see if that turns everything on. If it does, then your case is causing a shortage...for me it was a set of dodgy brass stand offs that constantly shorted the RAM and Mobo.

It's a shame you've found yourself in this situation. Usually building a PC is fine...but when you get to situations like this, it's heartbreaking.

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You can also get the PSP Monster Hunter games (I believe Freedom Unite is the one you'd want).

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Persona 3 Portable can be bought on the PSN Store and is just as good as Persona 4 Golden, may as well go wholehog and dive into that series deep.

You can get an awful lof of classic PS1 games, a lot of the Final Fantasys, Grandias, Wild Arms etc.. which are a delight to play on the Vita if you want to go back to them.

Still on the PS1 train, you can get Symphony Of The Night for a more action oriented game and a whole lot more than I can thing of.

Then you can also get the first 3 Disgaea games (4th is coming in the near future as well) which are awfully fun if you're into SJRPGs.

If I can think of any more I'll let you know duder.

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That's weird as to me, a 2K veteran, defence seems easier now than it's done in for a while. Errant passes are easy to intercept/punish and I've found there's a lot more blocked shots in games.

Learning when to jump is crucial, if both players go up in the air at the same time, it's usually the defender who comes out on top. Also, try getting into the habit of swatting passes with the Square button, once you get the hang of getting in the way, or tricking your opponent into thinking he's passing to an open man, you can cause havoc.

Lastly, learn to set properly with the Circle button. It's an advance move which once learnt pays off in dividends. Basically, if an opponent is charging towards you, hit and hold circle and hope your player gets set in time and draws the offensive foul.