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Sounds like it could be an overheating issue to me. Have you cleaned the inside of your PC out lately?

Saying that it could also be a power draw issue or even a virus. Have you preformed a virus scan? How old is your PC and who made it?

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NBA 2K13, though I'll most likely get that on my PC. All the roster changes are insane in the league this year and the gameplay changes they're making also look awesome. 2K12 was my most played game of this year and 2K13 looks to take just as much time of my life.

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@mikeeegeee said:

As a resident of the Anvil Rock server, I extend to you Yak's Benders my sincerest of Fuck You's.

Could be worse, you could be from Borlis Pass.

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Yeah, you'll be able to get away with running it at least on low settings with some set to medium. The frame rate may drop in WvW at times for you though but that happens to pretty much everyone.

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Firefox but at this point it's the best of a bad bunch.

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Wow. Terrible decision...

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Rorie, whilst I agree with 9/10 of your points, I must respectfully disagree with your views on combat. Whilst it doesn't have as many skills and utilities as WoW combat, the overall percentage of skills you use in GW is far greater. Every skill on the hot bar matters and there is no "rotation" to fall into like WoW. Each skill feels like it has its own use in its own situation. In WoW all you really need to do at high level is get 4 or 5 skills and repeat them until whatever you're attacking drops.

The real skill in the combat comes with positioning. Being at the right place and using the right skill is how you keep alive in this game and that can be a real challenge in PVP (and PVE) and it keeps the combat super fun (at least for me).

That being said some of the skills rely on random buffs or attacks and I can totally understand why that may frustrate some.

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@TruthTellah said:

I barely believe in Hizang; so, nope.

I believe in Hizang.

Until someone proves Hizang exists, I will remain skeptical.

The evidence is all there, why are you being so close minded!?!

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People need to take their tin foil hats off. As soon as the Trading Post comes back online I'm going to be playing it like the AH on WoW, making my money buying low, converting and selling high. Am I going to get banned for that? Am I hell! Do none of you think that Arenanet made all these currency systems and didn't expect people to buy things with one and sell for another?

"I know!" said one of the developers, "Let's allow users to buy all these different materials, craft them and then sell on for a profit, banning them for their troubles. Then make our Auction House easily accessible, just so we can catch them out quicker!" "Brilliant!" replied his colleagues, "We can then ban all of them and make them pay another $60 for the game. I know! Why don't we provide a market data graph of the gold for gems that all players can see so we can easily catch out and ban those shady, market analyser types!"

Get real people, everyone who's being banned is exploiting the game repeatedly for personal gain. There's a story of people in the UK who discovered a cash machine was giving out double what you asked for, but only charging you for what you asked for. People queued and queued to take out (and make) hundreds of pounds at a time. You know what happened to them? They got royally fucked by the law.

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Whilst I agree that steamrolling other servers takes away some of the fun, there's still plenty to be found in WvW. Defending our points on the borderlands is a constant challenge and there's enough roving bands of mad men around to keep you on your toes. What disappoints me is that I've been kicked out of WvW several times over the last few days so the game could balance servers against each other, and every time it resets, nothing has changed.