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It's really starting to grind me down a bit now. I'm at the king of bones and doing yet another "fetch 3" quest. My issue is I'm freaking death. Why am i running silly errands for people? I'm supposed to be a badass rider. It worked out with War because he was pretty much chained up and powerless but Death has nobody keeping him in check whys he happily being everybodys bitch?

I dunno. I'll keep playing. I hope it picks up a idea how far in i am.

The game does address at a couple of points that because the Seals have not been broken, Death is also pretty darn powerless. However I the couple of times they've mentioned it, it's more of a throwaway line more than anything so I can understand if you missed it.

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So if it's not the whole game, why would I play it?

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Bank Robberies are the coolest things on the yeah, we need one done right.

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It probably isn't this, but does turning off Vsync help?

Could be this. If his graphics card is overtaxing itself because Vsync is off, it could easily overheat.

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Sounds like it could be an overheating issue to me. Have you cleaned the inside of your PC out lately?

Saying that it could also be a power draw issue or even a virus. Have you preformed a virus scan? How old is your PC and who made it?

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NBA 2K13, though I'll most likely get that on my PC. All the roster changes are insane in the league this year and the gameplay changes they're making also look awesome. 2K12 was my most played game of this year and 2K13 looks to take just as much time of my life.

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@mikeeegeee said:

As a resident of the Anvil Rock server, I extend to you Yak's Benders my sincerest of Fuck You's.

Could be worse, you could be from Borlis Pass.

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Yeah, you'll be able to get away with running it at least on low settings with some set to medium. The frame rate may drop in WvW at times for you though but that happens to pretty much everyone.

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Firefox but at this point it's the best of a bad bunch.

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Wow. Terrible decision...