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Actually, for the time being, I'm just looking forward to the 800 series being released. It's time to upgrade my GPU.

This. The 800 series (running on new Maxwell architecture) are going to include a dedicated CPU for gaming on the graphics card itself. Very exciting.

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@turambar said:

@samstrife: I don't know where exactly you went to school, but most public schools in the US do not separate up the student body based on any academic placement for required courses aside from things like A.P. classes. There is in fact a desire to make sure that where possible, classes are not somehow stratified into "smart kids" and "rough kids".

When I say separated between rough and smart kids, I mean smart kids and kids whose presence in class usually caused problems. There are always "remedial" classes so to speak where students who show no desire to learn or help others learn were sent to...not so the case when it came to science.

I'm talking kids who'd already been suspended for attacking teachers and what not.

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Yeah it is! As weird as it sounds, PS Plus in Europe has dominated every other region's in terms of quality and this is still continuing that trend. I've not played Guacamelle yet and I'm looking forward to going through it on my Vita :)

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Awww man I was the guy that let people cheat off me. And I did it for a lot of reasons that mainly benefited myself.

Basically, at my secondary school, science classes were not split up by academic level (for reasons I'm not quite sure of, as every other class was). What this meant was that smarter students (like myself) were put in class with the not so smart (read: rough as hell) students. Due to an unfortunate roll of the dice, I found myself as one of the only smart ones in a class full of some of the roughest kids in school.

So yeah, I let them cheat off me all the God damn time. Firstly, it meant I didn't get the shit kicked out of me for being lame, which is always a bonus. Secondly, this meant I was never even bothered by the rough kids ever, not just science class... In letting them copy my work, I became pretty good friends with them; we always had a good laugh and a joke and I was pushing their grades up, so if anyone ever caused me trouble at school, I had all these guys who would vouch for me and I became known as a pretty cool guy for it. It was great.

A prime example of this was one dark night when I was walking home with a friend and out of nowhere, 8 guys surrounded me and demanded my phone and money...until one of the guys realised who I was, turned to the other guys and says how cool I am and how much of a laugh we have in science. The whole group became friendly with me all of a sudden and they even offered me one of the cheap beers they'd somehow got hold of (these were ROUGH kids).

There was then a second benefit I never saw coming. In me pushing all these kid's grades up, the classes started taking this into account and moving us onto the more advanced stuff. The better the rest of the class did, the better my grade was getting as a result, due to the higher level stuff being dished our way. In helping these guys in class, I ended up with two A's in science in the final tests...

Of course the guys I was helping failed them tests miserably (they didn't know any of this stuff) but who gives a fuck, they were essentially bullies anyway!

tl;dr: In allowing people to blatantly cheat off me, school became a much easier place.

PS: The teachers knew they were copying from me but I'm pretty sure they were happy for my grades to go up and for them to be teaching more of the advanced stuff in the process.

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I liked the way the characters in 3 evolved throughout the story. Junpei gets over his jealousy of the MC, Aigis becomes more human, Fuuka comes out of her shell, Yukari and Mitsuru become friends, etc. The way they changed and how different they are at the start compared to the end, and then again in Arena made them more interesting to me.

This is a really good point, actually.

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I prefer Persona 3. Persona 4 isn't enough of a step forward from it if you ask me.

What I find incredibly weird is that if you compared the story of the two games, 3 would seem like the sequel. 3's story feels like it has much more significance to the world and the Personaverse where as 4's feels far more contained.

Also, the party members feel like they took a step back in 4. Where they are all high schoolers (with varying twists to their tales) in 3 you get a child, a persona weilding robot and a god damn dog! They feel like the type of crazy characters you'd get from a follow up and furthers the feel that 4 is a step back somewhat.

That's not even looking at Persona 3 Portable, which takes all the combat redesigns from 4 and adds them back into 3 and lets you play as a girl, which is just as fully fleshed out as you'd expect.

Persona 3 wins, quite handily, in my eyes.

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This looks somewhat interesting but with it being all kinds of non canonical, I'm not really sure I can get all that excited for it.

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Excellent necro post. 10/10

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That was a good read but I'm sorry to say if Persona 5 isn't a brand new cast of characters, they've done fucked up.

As great as the cast of 4 were (although I prefer the cast of 3 personally) they've been milked to death. If you want your answers as to what happened with them, you can (possibly) find them in the new Persona Q which got announced.

Or you could use your imagination and spend the rest of your life holing them in your heart as this perfect group of people which greatly affected you. Surely anything they add is just going to diminish their value? Like you stated, Arena wasn't that special, yet it's fully canonical.

Why not let them create a new group of people for you to fall in love with?

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I really hope it's localised for the US and Europe at the same time. Don't know if I can wait til mid 2015. Hope it comes on Vita too, just so I can play it on that instead of having to but my PS3 back out. Ultimately though, I don't care, I'm just so hyped.

The Persona Team should book wrestling, they know how to tease better than anyone.