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Maybe they'll just go full circle and start selling Nintendo franchise themed playing cards. EXCLUSIVELY. Having said that, in my heart, I want Nintendo to launch a crazy ass sneak attack with an awesome VR headset based console. Virtual Boy 2.0. Virtual Man. Virtualman.

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So, when it comes to software I do all right...but when it comes to hardware, I know more or less nothing. Now, having said that, I'm looking for a decent computer to play games on. Well, to be more specific, I really just want a desktop to replace my failing laptop. I'm really only going to use it for normal operations. I'm not exactly what you would call a 'power user'. As for playing games, I do most of that on a console, so I'm really only looking for something that will play games like Hotline Miami, FTL, Binding of Isaac, etc. without hitching up and freaking out. laptop can't handle even that. Anyway, I've been thinking about this pre-built on Newegg. It's really as high as I'm willing to go, and I'm not sure how comfortable I am with building my own. Mainly because I don't really need this to be able to run Skyrim on ultra...just a slightly above average desktop that's not going to be severely outdated within the year. Let me know what you think about my selection. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Alek Navarro sounds like a fighting game character that would be in a Tekken or Virtua Fighter. Maybe even Mortal Kombat.

Name: Alek Navarro

Born: Kalifornia

Style: Karate

Blood Type: KO -

Sworn to avenge the death of his brother, Alex. Alek fights in the name of love and justice.

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I imagine him being a sleazy, greasy guy with a thick mustache and rings on all of his fingers. He directs trashy comedies and softcore porn just outside of LA. Also, he doesn't leave the house without his Derringer and straight razor.

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This is a huge bummer. Just the other day I reread 'The Story of the 12 Tribes of Lemming Island'. Don't get me's not a great book. Not even good, by most standards, but it brought back so many Lemming memories. Not to mention the swooping Owl on the back of the book. It reminded me how good of a game Rollcage was. Seriously, one of my favorite racing games of all time. Having said that, I was also reminded of Bram Stoker's Dracula. I was just a little kid, Psygnosis! Was it really necessary to make the first level boss so unreasonably hard? Fuck Shadow Dracula. But you toughened me up and made me a man. You and Capcom. Mom and Dad.

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@gamefreak9: I feel like having a sharp knife around while doing anything other than using said knife is probably a bad idea. It's just sitting there, watching...waiting for you to bump a table or trip on a shoelace. At which time it will use 'gravity' or 'momentum' or some other hippie notion as an excuse to fly straight into you.

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@CannonGoose: Man, I didn't bring this up because it wasn't video game related, but I once saw a guy in traffic get so angry he bit his fucking steering wheel! It was insane. At first I was shocked into silence, and quickly after that I had to bite my tongue to keep from exploding with laughter. I really didn't want him to see me laughing at his insane antics. I mean, if he's biting steering wheels, what's to stop him from getting out of his car and shooting me in the face? It's the next logical step.

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While I am glad I'm surrounded by a bunch of zen-ass muchachos/muchachettes (I think 'muchachas' is the female counterpart to a 'muchacho'. Doesn't matter.), I'm surprised that a lot of you don't at least know 'that one guy'. The weird thing about it is that he was otherwise a very non-violent guy. Something about that little Rugal sprite uppercut kicking little Terry to death over and over again just set him off.

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So, the other day I'm going through a bunch of games that I haven't played in a while and I come upon Ninja Gaiden: Black. Looking at the box art, I was immediately reminded of the love/hate relationship I had with the game. Now, I'm not the type to throw a controller at a TV or punch a coffee table because I keep dying do to enemy cheap shots. The most I'll ever do is get up and walk away for a few hours or whatever. I play video games to relax, not break shit. However, I've known a guy (Not naming any names.) for years now that I have seen fucking LOSE it due to video games. King of Fighters '99 cost him half of his VHS collection. He had this weird way of breaking controllers where he'd rip them out of the system roughly, yet carefully, so as not to pull the system to the floor, spin them from their cords and once its speed and his mounted rage had reached their explosive apex he'd slam them into the ground where they would explode into a million tiny tears of plastic. I saw him do this...I don't know, 6 times. Man, I saw him burn through two VHS copies of Friday in one day. No, I DON'T know why he had two copies of Friday. Probably because its so good; if you have to ask. And I'm not even going into the strange, primal grunts and howls of anger that accompanied all of this. Anyway, that's my story. What about you? Have you or anyone you know ever gotten so angry that you just obliterated an inanimate object? Let us know! :D No judgement. Not from me anyway...the internet, as always, is going to judge the shit out of you.

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@CookieMonster: What are you talking about? I LOVED wandering in the jungle for half an hour because my jeep got shot up at a checkpoint that I had already cleared out 25 times. I'm now comfortable knowing that if I'm ever actually left for dead in a jungle somewhere I'll be able to use a map to walk in a general direction until a blip informs me that diamonds are nearby. Seriously though, I liked Far Cry 2 a lot...but I can totally understand why people hate it.

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