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Yes. The video pages are now updating correctly, thanks for the fast fix.

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I have noticed this as well but not just on the Quick Look pages but also on the video pages for "Subscriber", "Features" and the "Latest" video pages, I have experienced this on both Ubuntu using Firefox and Win 7 IE.

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Yakuza 4 has a duplicate Australia release.
This seems like a large oversight of the "TOP MEN", I do not envy who ever has to clean it up.
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Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."

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Yeah Ebay is a good spot for cheap gold cards just be aware of regional lock on them.

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@Geno: It already is on PC and it supports HD level resolutions and with current technology you could run it with all settings max. I played the PC version a little over a year ago and it looks real sharp though you may want to run an AA filter at the video card level to clean up the jaggies.
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I was wondering if any of the Whiskey Media dudes or those in touch with them could tell me whether or not Whiskey will be archiving the weekly live show? As an Antipodean resident of Australia the time zones don't line up to well, they have been good in the past with full archival of all the live shows. Also will youse guys be still using Justin.TV moving forward or are you planning to implement your own live player/archiver?

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At first I just figured the narration on top of prerecorded game play footage was the standard that we've seen a hundred time over, but to know that it's happing in real time, that's neat, the building aspect seem similar to dark cloud which is fantastic and I'm really digging the desert punk vibe.

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I must admit I am a little disappointed with this announcement. Irrational Games tend to make each of their games a wildly different setting and mood than the last, and I wouldn't  have guessed that their next game would just be more Bioshock. But that being said I trust that Irrational can really take the basic structure of Bioshock and do some crazy things with it.

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It's okay to work on the weekend as long as you don't go off the deep end. I can see that everyone is watching to see what they will do. But we all need a second chance.
I'll stop now.