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As someone who is terrible at Mortal Kombat and fighting games in general I am really excited about this. I just hope they go with digitized actors instead of polygons.

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@Detrian: I agree but there seems to be a concept blind spot between Voice Acting and Text Bubbles. There a concept similar called Speech Synthesis,but that deals with human like voices reproduced through digital means such as Sinistars "Run Coward!" The concept could be submitted as is but I thought that the giant bomb community, who is so fond of portmanteaus  could help create a catchy title.
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Ryan Davis and the Giant Bomb crew mentioned this phenomenon on last weeks bombcast I believe.  
We've all played games that have sound effects instead of voice acting that accompany the jotting of words and punctuation in games. This is usually seen in older games such as Star Fox and Animal Crossing but it is still prevalent in new games such as Yakuza 3 and 3D Dot Game Heroes, It also often reflects the characters personality e.g. small girl has cute chirpy sound where as a large dullard might have a low monotone for him.
So I put the question to the moderators and the community, is this a worthy concept at Giant Bomb and more importantly what to call it?

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C-3PO's eyes and hips speak of sex.

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You know what I say: "dodgeball's outlawed only outlaws'll have dodgeball" and so on.

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@Toxin066 said:
" I'm a nileest. I belif in NUHZING! 
I was going to link a video of this quote, instead I found THIS.
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We may have to postpone our celebrations as the article states he ain't going until 2014.

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@WinterSnowblind:@Cube: You both make good points I agree with. On one point by buying a censored  product we are consenting to Sega for future alterations but in another point by not buying the game we are jeopardizing the possibility of seeing any more of the franchise outside of Japan.  That being said I still plan on buying it the day it comes out.