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@Rayfield said:

 The dialog in this game is way over the top.  

Perhaps going over the top and thus making bro's around the world laugh their asses off? 

The 1st Yakuza game is Known for it's terrible English voice acting, Michael Madsen is amazing .
You Haven't even seen the part in Yakuza 2 where you beat up men dressed as babies.
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@Video_Game_King said:
" @SamuSlave:   Wait, it's illegal to have a boner in Australia? The madman! "
Technically no but as long as we wear our government issued Morality Belts, everyone will be wholesome and safe.
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@Rayfield said:
- Tried unsuccessfully to have Modern Warfare 2 banned. 
He also tried to have Bayonetta banned for invoking "Pants Emotions" in the male populace. Unfortunately his bid was struck down so we Australians are still forced to face this sick filth on a daily bases.
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@mondo625: You forgot Yakuza 3 for the PS3 list. it has a confirmed march 2010 release.
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Since it is not quite the 20th in U.S yet it's not officially "out". In my experience with Playasia they usually will send the item out within 24 hours of the release date, but since today is a Friday it may not ship till Monday particularly because Playasia is on H.K time.

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@oldschool said:
" @SamuSlave said:

" Try for Japanese, Korean and U.S versions and National Console Support for U.S and Europe versions . "

This (playasia).  
God of War Collection  $49 AuD plus $4 postage, no region coding, seems like a bargain.  I never have a problem shipping games to Tasmania, so I do trust the site.   "
Just be sure that your monitor supports HD resolutions otherwise you will run into region display problems.
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I believe that the limit for abortions should be increased to the 20th term, That's when they usually start running their mouths.