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" @trophyhunter: whats the problem with a 10 point scale? "
its a terrible and useless scale that should be never used again "
how about developing your own opinions instead of justifying everything as "because Jeff said it" "
I've been thinking 5 is better than 10 for like 20 years  two good two bad one in the middle instead of 6 bad one middle and 3 good "
Pfft, Everyone knows the universal way to rate anything is on the "something out of 58 Emaciated Taiwanese Schoolgirls" scale.
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I think you should report this to the Colorandian Bull, Brian Crecente. He will right this wrong with his fury, see video below for shocking proof.

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@MarkWahlberg: The Proof of what is awesome is in front of you.
  It was there the whole time.
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 (Thanks to Shawn Elliot for this one.)
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What was the last game Activision actually developed?  The Idea of punishing all the talented developers under the Activision banner is stupid, all we're doing hurting some one who doesn't deserve it and in the long run , ourselves. Besides wasn't this already discussed elsewhere?

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Yes this legislation is totally haggard but we should keep in mind that in order for it to be passed into law it requires the majority vote of liberal, green and independent senators. And at this time none of those parties thankfully support it.

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This all seems fairly innocent until you see this SHOCKING evidence.

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@thecleric: what you mean like this?
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If you're watching wrasslin' for the athletic sportsman ship  i think you're watching it for the wrong reasons, I will now now present 2 examples of the right reasons.

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" Round up the bankers and Guantanamo their big nosed asses. "
That sounds extremely racist. Please tell me that does not mean what I think it does. "
It means what? Round up the money changing bastards and throw their asses in Guantanamo? If you can do with brown people in the Middle East who are threatening the US interests then do it with these shysters. "
The big nosed part. The connotaion of big nosed bankers is reserved for Jewish people by bigots that believe the Jews control all of the money in the world. Choose your word more carefully next time. "
I suspect this thread will become this...
  the only difference is this cat was joking.