Good Reasons Women Should Be Terrified Of Videogames.

Women have enough crap to deal with in their everyday life like listing to their co-workers complain incessantly, Having to be the responsible one, Doing all the bullshit chores and me constantly leering at them.
This one goes out to you, the ladies who have somehow stumbled upon this horrific page and why you should leave and never come back.(for your own good of course)

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Posted by dbz1995

I find it interesting that Rapelay is not on your list.

Posted by RagingLion

Excellent.  Made me chuckle.

Posted by RagingWolf

Great list. The only aspect missing is a "completely unlikable"  section, with characters like Dr Halsey from Halo Reach.

Posted by medacris

Fortunately, there's some good stuff for women in gaming, too (women like Alyx Vance, who are strong, capable, and not designed for sex appeal). Female antagonists I don't mind if there's a female protagonist to balance it out (like Chell and GLaDOS).

Posted by kittencake