Rayman Origins (PS Vita)

I recently finished Rayman Origins. Probably the first game I have invested serious time and commitment into since WOW broke me.

I always though Rayman himself looked a bit or an irritating twat, and the games trying to being all in-your-face with their coolness and humour rather than being inherently amusing enough to do it subtly.

Thankfully, you can unlock other playable characters so I didn't have to address my anti-Rayman prejudice. The game itself was simply one of the most pure, fun gaming experiences I've had in years. I enjoyed practically every, rage-quitting, teeth gnashing minute of it and enjoyed the double challenges the game sets for you on each level - a reward for thorough exploration of a level via finding all the hidden Lums (currency) and Electoons (hostages) scattered around the level and the completely separate challenge of sprinting through the level as fast as you can. The excellent and precise controls giving you a god-like feeling of vine-swinging, hill-sliding awesomeness.

The only weak spot I could find is that the final boss, rather than being the ultimate challenge, is a watered-down combination of all the previous bosses, posing no significant challenge to anyone who has got that far.

Anyway, thoroughly recommended for anyone that likes a fast-paced platformer.