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ID: hirnkastl

Austrian with a fresh wiiu ready for duty.

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The first one was such a nice game, totally borked by 30fps. What a sad, sad release that was. :(

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What. The. Fuck.

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Is a game like Battlefield 4 ever finished? How many games get released knowing that they're not done with plans to just patch it post-release, even with a Day 1 patch. When is a game really ever finished?

When the Dev sells it in boxes or for money without mentioning anything like "early", "beta" or stuff like that, then it counts as finished. Doesn't mean that it should be called finished, but the dev feels like it's done.

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@49th said:

Sounds great. I would like to see Vinny play Starforge some more...

I think he should make a video for every patch. "Vindogs Starforge Patchwatch"

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Great idea, and special kudos for being so transparent and let us have a look at the inner workings of GB.

I nominee Drew for "Best idea 2014" - hard to imagine there will be 10 better ones.

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Good list, looks a lot like mine.

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I just bought SR4 for PC on, but steam refuses to unlock the game for my country. That's the first time this happened.

Well, so now I have a SR4 key that only works for the US of A to give away. I paid 30$ for it, for 25$ it will be yours.

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Very well done Patrick! The idea is a pretty simple one, but your speech was really engaging. I had goosebumps several times, altough I knew the stories.

But still, it is very hard to stay calm and relaxed when I see what some trolls throw at you. And I am not even involved! Aynway, this was great, you are a clever guy, keep on.