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The Shining Force games on the Mega Drive (Genesis) are both classics of the genre and probably among the few that are relatively easy to pick up for beginners.

Both are available on Steam for basically nothing so get both or if you can only afford one probably go for Shining Force 2 as it is a bit more user friendly.

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@AlisterCat said:

That would actually mean going in to the shop... and I don't want to do that. I was in there on Tuesday and nothing was great so I doubt I'll go back.

Yeh, I went in today and the only games that had a decent price drop were either old as dinosaur bones or complete crap, somehow despite the price cuts they made on decent games, they were still worse value than other places. Some games didn't even get a cut, they had 4 copies of FFIV on PSP all £ can get it new from play for £8.

That said a £35 DS is a nice deal, if true, might get one to play some new pokemens.

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Just a heads up to people who might be interested (all 3 of you), this game is on offer on steam.

Probably not worth full price if you bough the last few but worth checking out when its this cheap.

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@NTM said:

He's right to care for the gamer's needs and I understand his concern, but he's not correct in saying we need Kinect.

Yep, I have one and it is a pile of crap.

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@Buzzkill said:

As long as this game isn't loaded with $DLC then it will be a day one purchase.

I don't really mind that cos' I can just ignore dlc (and I do for most games).

Will be a day 1 purchase as long as its not a complete disaster.

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If we're talking great games no one played then: Tactics Ogre, the best game of this generation in my opinion.

I would say the new Deus Ex is somewhat of a sleeper hit, I didn't expect it to be very good and it actually turned out awesome, and I think a fair number of people played it.

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How is it that nintendo think Mad World and House of the Dead are cool but this is a no no? You used to be cool nintendo (like 20 years ago), what happened?

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@teh_destroyer said:

But no one else that I live with feels it or hears anything from it the way I do, this has been going on for months now.

Seek mental help. Even if this ghosty stuff wasn't complete bullshit, a board would help you how exactly?

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@Zenaxzd said:

A all the way,

Yeh same, only filled out 2 wiki pages (though added stuff to a load of others) for games I really like.