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@Arabes: How will this format, as opposed to having it turn based, appeal to more people you dipstick? Its still a niche, and this way they alienate the existing fanbase. Like I said, turn based games still do well and I dont remember the original JA games being blockbusters, so you seem to be mostly talking out of your arse. No I didn't think you were saying that any game style used in the 90's would not be used any more, I though that was the only logical conclusion based on your amateur market analysis.

If it were up to people like you we would not have gotten Dragon Age Origins or Street Fighter IV cos' "those type of game aint popular anymore yo"

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@Arabes: Chill out you, maybe next time don't say something stupid in the first place and then you wont have to respond with an inflammatory comment with very poor grammar.

As far as I'm aware aside from Civ: Disgaea, Advance Wars, Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, all those FF Tactics games and a whole bunch of indie games all did OK, so I'm not sure that people don't buy turn-based games anymore. I really don't see where you are coming from, and what I said doen't seem to be such a great leap.

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@Arabes: The reason people bought the originals (in my case at least) was because of the turn based mechanics. I will only be getting one of the new X-Com games too, want to guess which one? Also, by your logic no one would buy 2d platformers, turn based rpgs, rts games etc. etc. because why would they make the same games as they made in the 80s...whaaaat?

Either way its a niche, as I don't really care about the 'franchise', its no longer a niche I care about. This just seems like it would have been a better Commandos reboot.

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@Hailinel: True enough, but not what I was really arguing about so I'm not sure why you went through all the trouble. Its the whole 'not how logic works' thing that bugged me, which why I used the examples that I did, in philosophy/logic the line between positive and negative is not so straightforward. (Look up Hume's fork and Gettier type question to get a sense of where I'm coming from)

Anywho, good blog OP, I look forward to more.

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@Hailinel: No one asked for evidence of absence, you were asked to provide examples of differences between games, which is a little different. Even if that was the case, my main point of contention was his appeal to logic (which I mentioned on more than one occasion, but you seem to have missed completely). So I repeat....if he is talking about proving a negative in the James Randi sense, his argument is foolish because videogames are known quantities and can be examined. If he is making a general appeal to logic then his argument makes no sense whatsoever because (as I said more than once, but again, you seem to have missed) giving evidence of a positive can be just as difficult, conversely proving a negative can be a simple proposition, as such making a statement like 'that is not how logic works' is idiotic in the extreme. Which part of that do you not understand?

@DeF: I don't even know anymore, I think I somehow got into an argument with an otaku wikipedia warrior.

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@Hailinel: Are you for real? Read my post again, then read it again, think a little and then it may become apparent to you that what you just wrote makes no sense. What is the point in giving me that link? I told you I have knowledge of the subject from actually having studied it, clearly you do not and can only copy-paste wikipedia crap.

And, no, you didn't explain anything, you just went round and round in circles without addressing any of the points I raised in any of my posts (again, read what I actually wrote and try to understand it instead of doing google research). Feigned intelligence is very easy to spot. Geez, you remind me of that Yagami guy that posted nonsensical blogs a while back.

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@Hailinel: Did you even read the whole discussion? For starters, how is 'give me some examples of how these games are different' the same as 'prove to me that concept XY does not exist in this game'? Anyway, I assumed the guy saw a James Randi lecture somewhere, because in all my life and in years of studying philosophy that is the only person I have heard use 'prove a negative' (meaning trying to prove something does not exist). In that case his point is stupid (as I said, games are not like santa, they exist and can be discussed). However, if he was making a general argument then his point is borderline retarded, especially after he said 'that is not how logic works'... What? WHAT? A) In philosophy and discussion of logic a positive can be just as difficult to prove as a negative, and B) I can very easily prove a negative: I am not imaginary because cogito ergo sum (there you go, apparently I just destroyed this dudes concept of logic). The point of contention here is his appeal to logic, not any kind of argument about scientific evidence.

I actually know what I'm talking about here, but thanks for your idiotic wikipedia post anyway.

So....videogames huh?

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@mutha3: In 3 posts you failed to point out where the 'negative' is (all the evidence for making a judgement on a game character or a story is there, opinion based though it is) and besides: Proving a negative ≠ shifting the burden of proof, I wasn't arguing about that so...I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve, apart from confusing yourself. Why are you even trying to bring in philosophic/legal terminology into a simple game discussion? Seriously, just talk about the fucking games.

Just admit to yourself that you like terrible JRPGs, have a good cry and give me a hug, it will make you feel better (i'm just fucking around)

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@mutha3: How is asking for some unique aspects in some games trying to prove a negative? Read the rest of my post, might enlighten you. What kind of a person sees a game discussion and starts some amateur philosophy? If you want, I can lay down some David Hume shit on you and say you can't prove a positive either, don't walk in here trying to sound all clever.

Besides, dude gave some examples anyway.

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@Hailinel said:

the fault of that notion lies purely with the western gaming media and fans that play very few games in the genre outside of the Final Fantasy series.

Agree with you there buddy, wish more people knew about Phantasy Star outside of that online thing :'(