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@Cathryn said:

@DeF: Yeah, I'm often annoyed by constant allusions to the FF series and why JRPGs suck. I've played several FF games and never liked them all that much, but I like a lot of other series, like Tales and MegaTen. Meh. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

Yeh? Well I'm fucking annoyed by FF games being treated like the gold standard by the media (and fans) and drowning out other games in a sea of shit. Mid 2000s were the worst, any JRPG that did not start with the word 'Final' would get crapped on by critics, but FF games somehow get a free pass '9/10, gold star' even though they have the same retarded tropes (but worse!). Tactics Ogre was my GOTY by a long way (not strictly a JRPG but whatever) and I think most people don't know that its a game, got good reviews though at least.

Its not haters hating, like it or not, for most people FF is the poster child for the JRPG.

@mutha3 said:

Sorry, but no one is going to prove a negative for you. That is not how logic works.

I'm sorry but...waaaat? Did you just walk out of a remedial critical thinking class? A) He is not asking for proof of anything, he is asking for an explanation. And B) Where is the negative?

Prove to me that santa does not exist (this in example of trying to prove a negative). Give examples of similarities in games XY, or example of annoying character (neither of these are examples of trying to prove a negative). Before using fancy terms, next time make sure you know what you are talking about.

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@Hailinel said:

There was this little independent movie made back in the 1970s called Star Wars. It was about a farmboy on a desert planet that learns he has magical powers, joins up with a ragtag group, saves a princess, and then destroys the enemy space fortress.

What? Mark Hamill was in his mid 20s back then, would not call that being a boy.

Stop making shit up to defend your stupid games!!!

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@Vadis said:

Spelling and grammar: A+

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@Dredlockz said:

@strangone said:

I read somewhere that this game is real-time, is that true?

I think it's realtime but you can (and probably are expected) to pause and give directions to your dudes at all times.

What? ...I'm out

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Alien 3, Dune II, any Shinobi game, Streets of Rage games and Beyond Oasis/The Story of Thor (as its called here in europe) its a bit like Zelda but not shit.

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I usually buy my stuff online these days, and I guess a lot of other people do too which is part of the reason this is happening.

Does this mean though that CEX will get more business?...NOOOOOO!!! I've been to different one in different cities and the people that work there are complete retard scumbags.

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B. All the people saying there are no/not many good movie based should be ashamed to call yourselves gamers, you clearly don't know what you are talking about. I can think of like a dozen just off the top of my head.

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If more of you kids had ever played Streets of Rage this thread would not exist.

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@M3rlin said:

Patrick, do you think the review score inflation could be linked to the American Grading System in schools and universities that basically all writers grew up in?

I was a German high school exchange student in the US a couple years back and am now doing my Graduate studies in NYC. Both times I was surprised how closely distributed most of the grades are at the top end of the grading scale: A+ to B-.

A C was already a bad grade. From Germany, however, I was used to the equivalents of C's and D's being decent grades. Only the top performing third of the class got A's and B's, so it was really something special to be up there. In the US I felt, most of the distinction was made between A- and B+.

Game reviews I feel have ended up in the same cul-de-sac where reviewers have to be extremely cautious when giving away the final +/-0.5 points on a scale of 10, because that's where amazing games overtake great games.

Don't know about the review score comparison but when I was in uni (in the UK) my friend went on an exchange to the states and after he came back our uni automatically reduced his grades by 20% if I remember correctly. This was a uniform policy across all faculties, the rationale being that in the US grading is much too lenient and is not on par with the UK grading scale. So an A in the states translates to about a C or a mid 2.1 in the UK, just though I'd share that with you.

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@Spankmealotus: No no, I understand perfectly his point and I still disagree (I mentioned that being critical of a design choice is just as valid as any other).

Regarding the industry thing: you can't just look at a game in isolation, you have to consider the industry and the games that have come before it. If we took a blank slate approach with every game, would we not give 5 star reviews to every Dynasty Warriors game? (despite the fact they have been pumping the same thing out for like 10 years now).

Even if we do consider a game as its own thing surely a reviewer should be able to say he finds the design aspect of a game to be uninteresting, dull or needlessly restrictive, if not would we be unable to criticise idiotic QTEs because they are 'outside events' and everyone has them? Who, at that point, decides what constitutes a 'review' and what constitutes a 'critique'.