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Geez I worry knowing that people like this actually exist, he tries to deflect every and any good point/argument with 'can't we all just get along maaaannn'.

I would say this stupidity is related to age, but I think most 17 year olds would be offended at that. Also...@Clinkz said:

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What the fuck is this, a Miss World speech?

Might as well be. Another thread disguised as a topic for discussion (biased discussion) but when you get here, all you get are pages and pages of Yagami's rants.

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@Pezen: What does lie ahead mr doom-sayer? Please enlighten us.

For one, its undesirable because it would be fucking boring. I wouldn't go to Germany to eat a big mac and speak about the policy decisions of Boris Johnson, I'd do it to see some people wearind lederhosen, drink a tankard of beer and eat some bratwurst. Variety is great.

I don't know where you are from, so I do not see where you are getting this 'already happening' bullshit. Every place I have live in has deep cultural divisions. In the UK for example, good luck to you if you try to convince a Scot that they are, or should be, in any way the same as an Englishman, or try telling a Catalan that they do not have an identity distinct from Spain.

Oh and we have tried to unite and assimilate many culture under a single banner, it did not work. Might want to look at a history book or two. Your whole thing about progress and science is so stupid that I don't even have the energy to respond, just sounds like something an idiotic 15 year old would say at a hippie gathering.

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And the future currency can be Bison Dollars!


Other people have already said it: sounds like the OP just discovered philosophy for dummies and sounds incredibly immature. Anyone who has any knowledge of history or philosiphy will know how hilariously bad the OPs arguments are. Why am even dignifying this thread with a response though, after the OP showed his incredible intelligence by calling the middle-east a 'shitstain' and the US 'tragic'...right...ok

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The cost difference is nothing new, the PS Store has different prices on the ps1 'classics', with the more popular titles being way more expensive than less popular ones, not to mention new games being way more expensive than in stores. Sony seems to have a thing about treating the consumer like crap, at that point I would rather buy the original game from ebay for way cheaper.

As a side note...if you buy the Vita you are a massive fool.

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When will people learn!

On topic though, maybe some people on here are too young or immature to understand, so end up using phrases like 'friend zone', but some of the most successful and long lasting relationships come from the foundation of years of friendship cos' they not based on a lusty desire to bang. I do agree though that you should not be friends with someone because you expect something out of it.

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Diablo is an MMO? Holy shit, how did I miss that :o, and I remember when Oblivion came out and I'm pretty certain people liked it.

But really, if you are going to troll, at least come up with an intelligent argument or two that would at least make it interesting.

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Farmville proves Myshutup's points. Skyrim is a load of shit, you run around and do menial quests finding swords and you think it's epic because it makes you think that.

Is that not what almost every RPG ever is about? Blizzard have been milking that exact formula for years.

Also...@Bawlsz said:

@Wunder_ said:

Yeah, you're really bad at essay writing.

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Got the PS3 version, though yes it does have a crap load of bugs (got a couple questlines completely broken on my save) I still have a ton of fun with it and spent more time on it than any other game I've played in years.

Also, I have to laugh at the people saying things like 'why do Bethesda ship broken games/are the only ones to do this/get a free pass' this the only game you have ever played?

The sad reality is that many many games ship in a near, if not completely broken state. Most total war games are fucked beyond belief on release, Troika never made a game that works properly, Fallout 2 had more bugs than pixels, no one can run Arx Fatalis for more than 20 min without it crashing, every football manager game ever is bugged to shit even after 3 patches and the list goes on and on and on. So lets not pretend this is a Bethesda thing, to be clear though I'm not defending them, and its a real disappointment that the game has so many problems.

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Just wondering. I feel kinda dirty after using the Iron Dagger trick that IGN showed. With enough gold, your Smithing level can go from 20 to 90 in 15 mintues Dx

It's pretty unfair to other character builds and play styles.

I can't believe you're complaining about this in a single player game. I just can't believe it. If you think you're somehow undermining your High Elf Illusionist with this "exploit", don't fucking use it.

This. Who the hell complains about balance in a single-player game? Especially smithing!! Its not like getting to 100 is going to let you 1-hit a dragon by sticking blacksmith tongs up its ass. Its not a big deal, and even if it was...then don't do it!

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@dhvl2712 said:

Which one do you prefer and why? This is what I mean by Old FPS model:

  • Lacking in Plot or Story.

You make Gordon Freeman cry :(