with paying customers, it's way harder to tell them how to behave

Like a lot of message boards, there are serious issues with spam posting around here. People just have an urge to get their idea/thought/feeling out there and will post something that has absolutely ZERO value to anybody else(Hint: just because you have correct spelling and grammar, doesn't mean your post is any good).

"ya I argree"
"fuck that, Sony/MS doesn't know what the hell they doing"
"oh yes I was their and it was a fantastic experience"

That doesn't seem too bad but when you have to wade through dozens of pages in a thread to read something useful...well this is why the junk mail filter in your email inbox was invented.
I understand that there's some sort of crackdown going on around here. Seems the spammers not only post in threads but also begin entire topics for their garbage? Christ. 
Glad something's being done but now with Giantbomb becoming a pay site, it's way harder to tell people that put food on their table what to do so the situation could quickly become worse. If you try to tell people what to do, you could easily drive away a hundred thousand dollars, because these people will just go back to IGN, Gamespot or GAF. I wish there was some solution but for now it seems like an impossible balancing act...I remain hopeful that somebody will come up with something.