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Hard to find Giantbombers here in Asia...

Titanfall and BF4!

Origin: sander_dutch

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27"monitor will be expensive. Why not just get one Dell 24" monitor and be done with it? Great quality and not crazy expensive.

I've got the Dell 2412M, which is affordable but great PQ

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Ordered directly from their site through TripleB, so these devs hopefully get the biggest cut.

I paid the full 15 bucks, gotta support these kinds of developers!

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Your CPU, MB and RAM all look fine for a gaming PC. Good to get the new Haswell stuff!

I have a huge Silver Arrow air cooler for my CPU, and it very silent and pretty good at cooling. Though it would interfere with your high profile ram (which is why I just got some low profile Kingston RAM modules). Your pick for CPU cooler is probably pretty ok, maybe also check out Corsair water cooling. Before you buy this, check online forums to see if the cooling you buy has any issues with the case you select. 2 years ago Corsair's liquid coolers had some installation issues with NZXT Phantom cases, though this might have been resolved in those 2 years.

If possible, try to double the size of your SSD. I have the OS and some other key programs on my 128GB SSD and it only has space for about 30-40GB of games (2-3 games).

I have the Phantom case, its pretty good. The lights in the top fans can be disabled with an easily accessible button on the back of the case.

You don't need a sound card unless you work in music or have a high end sound system for your PC.

For video cards... They just released the 7 series cards from Nvidea. Get one of those so your pc can last a bit longer before an upgrade. The new 770 is slightly faster than a 680, and its cheaper. I would definitely recommend the GTX770 (if your budget allows for it) Though you might want to go for a 600W or 650W power supply if you take the 770. (I recently upgraded my ASUS DirectCU2 GTX570 to a Gigabyte GTX770 Windforce card, and its pretty sweet)

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I'm stunned. My condolences to his wife and everyone at GiantBomb.

Rest in Peace Ryan Davis

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550W should be enough for a single card setup, even with a GTX480.

There might even be some room to overclock your CPU.

Don't worry, you're fine as long as your power supply is OK quality

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I got a Track-IR, but haven't used it yet.

Still configuring my previous impulse buy (Saitek X-65F) to fly my Warthog

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Have him get the GTX580 and use the 560 as Physics card

I'm not a big fan of SLI/CF because you run into incompatibility issues too often, especially with new releases. If your friend likes to play games right when they come out, def go for single card

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