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For everyone who liked the Persona 4 Endurance Run, play Costume Quest. It's much easier and faster to complete, but features fun battles and a funny storyline. Ever since watching the Persona Endurance run, I've been wanting to play it, but don't really have the time for long games like persona and other RPG's. Also I never played any RPG's, so it's a nice starter for everyone who likes Persona 4, but can't invest so much time and tought into a game. Yes it is easy, but it is fun, not too long and has some fun moments in it. I recommend it to everyone who wants the feel of playing something like P4, but just wants to be done quicker with much less complication.

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Hmmmm.. for 30 dollars..this could be a good deal.

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Wow, this reminds me of Expect no Mercy...  after seeing the Billy Blanks movie I bought the game, and this just looks like it, only better graphics...

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This game is so funny, you even have a fart power-up,... so it didn't suprise me the dutch made it ;)

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Two cents...I'll even add 50 cents...anyway, great demo, with episode 1 being fully playable..!!!!