Beat ASScreed 1: time to blog - Running mechanics problems

Very, very late to the Assassin's Creed 1 bandwagon, but I've finally finished it and would like to share some things. 
This game is pretty and awesome, but there are some fundamental problems that make me fantasize that someone from Ubisoft (the hot ubisoft bosslady) will read this blog post and say,  "Wow he is right, lets change that!" (Hey, if you take the time to make multiple textures for pigeon crap under a pigeon hole on 4+ different kinds of watch towers, you should make sure these things don't happen in your game): 
Sprint button is also the climb button: The game has a lot of running from enemies that can reset your mission progress. A lot of running down crowded, narrow streets with pedestrians that push you into random stuff, like boxes and walls. There are a few gameobjects that are unclimable, like elevated roof ornaments and a variation of the 'hiding spot booth.' This means that you have to learn which objects will f* up your sprint from dangerous enemies - otherwise Altaiir WILL get stuck on ledges, WILL bump into unclimable objects, and WILL try to climb things that were just 1 pixels of a hitbox in your running path. "This can be treated as a GAME RULE that you simply have to get better at following" - Nope, not when you make the rest of the combat action and parkour running/climbing so forgiving and fluid! 

mASS effect and ASSASSin's creed for PC

Bought these on steam and enjoying them a bit. Aasssin's creed is quite nice but a little repetative, by a little I mean a lot, but it is avoidable. The size of the cities and their graphics are truly awesome even after a few weeks worth of hours inside GTA4. If you are a fan of Jerusalem crusades then this is a nice little adventure. The horse riding is quite good, but I've never really had a horse in a game before, other than Oblivion which was really wooden feeling. 
Massassin Effect is a little more stale. The inventory system is pretty lame, the Ai isnt all that great - just like Mass Effect 2 seems to look like. I don't know if its the forced Occlusion Effect in the Nvidia panel, but both of the games look great. ME is starting to show its age but for an RPG it still rocks. I really can't believe people were OK with swallowing Failout3's animations and gameplay after the greateness of ME. 
On that note..what is up with Border Lands. What a crap game!