Old Scanlon box-art

I was recently inspired by this video to get creative and make a super dumb thing of my own in anticipation of Metal Gear Scanlon 4.

So in photoshop, I basically used this photo of Drew as the base layer and warped the U.S MSG4 box-art to match up with the image. The end result is, uh...yeah it's freaky.

Oh and I ripped the cover title text from the MGScanlon 4: Loading video.


Oestricelot, Liquid Scoops & Dotacon (Update 2!)

Update: 9-Nov-2014

Revolver Oestricelot.

This is how I imagine Jason in the control room.


Dotacon. It stands for Dota Convention.

So yeah it's been a while since I updated. Tried to do something a little different with each of the above. I plan to get around to Rorie, Alex and Vinny eventually.

I'll be honest, I feel myself deviating from Shinkawa's style. Hopefully it's still somewhat recognizably MGS-ish. If not...ehh.

Update: 9-Oct-2014

Master Tracksuit. He's a Master of medicine.

Edit: Mouth was a little off, so made a slight adjustment.

Original Post: 8-Oct-2014

I love Yoji Shinkawa's art for MGS series, so I thought I'd attempt to make some Metal Gear Scanlon fan-art in his style.

"Why is Drew's eye red?", you may be wondering. Nano-machines.

Done using a Pentel Brush Pen, a 0.3mm Letraset Fine Line Pen and Copic Markers (Neutral Grey), with some Photoshop tweaking. The Drew one was my first real attempt at mimicking Shinkawa's style and I ended up having to make a lot of edits in Photoshop (in retrospect I was being quite lazy and probably should have redone it instead). I think it turned out OK though. My second attempt, i.e. Dan, went a whole lot smoother.

It was fun. I may move onto the rest of the Bombcrew, if people want to see that..


'Baller Time' Art Thing. Thanks, Ryan

I’m not one who can easily put feelings into words. I’m pretty lousy at it, actually. I’ve listened to and watched Ryan do his thing since the Gamespot days. Needless to say, his passing has impacted me far more than I thought the death of someone who (whom?...ah, whatever) I have never met possibly could. There are other members of this site who have perfectly described how I’m feeling right now and what it is about Ryan that makes us miss him (his razor-sharp wit, loveable assholeness, good-hearted nature and incredible enthusiasm for dumb shit, to name a few). However, what I can do is draw. So here’s something that pretty much encapsulates what Ryan was, and always will be, to me - just a goddamn boss.

Thank you, Ryan.


Muh Vidja Game Fan Art, Part One

I like drawing in my spare time, and since I hang out at this site more than any other, I thought It’d be cool to shamelessly self promote share with y'all some of the stuff I’ve made over the past few years. I’ll just post video game fan-art, namely my favourite ones, since it’s probably the most relevant to your interests. If you guys like my stuff then I’ll post more down the line (way down the line, this shit takes time…and energy, which I lack).

Descending from oldest (2009) to newest (2011). Note: the images have been resized smaller, but I think you can click to enlarge them. If not, the links at the bottom of this post have the original sizes (couldn't put them under each individual image for some reason).

As you can probably tell I like to vary up my style, although I’d say my strength lies with cel-shading. I’ve already posted the Portal one in an older blog post, but thought I’d include it here as well.

DeviantArt page.

Edit: Bah, what the hell? The links below each image keep disappearing...anyway, I'll put 'em here:









Portal 2 fan-art - Reunion

Here’s some Portal 2 fan-art y’all. The thought of making fan-art hadn’t crossed my mind until I heard this beautiful song from the game’s soundtrack. I was able to finish this relatively quickly thanks to having it on repeat.  Also, this awesome piece of Portal 2 art I came across while browsing the Valve store inspired me quite a lot too. If only I could find a bigger version of it!


Bigger version here.

dA page

Edit: There's now a 1920x1080 version.