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He's immortal like Keanu Reeves. Deal with it.

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@Lelcar said:
" @Tober said:
" @shakesvoltage said:
" Every I Love Mondays since the start of the new year has been amazing. Fact. "
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@Agent47 said:
" @lolak47: Who let this troll in?And why does he have 47 in his name?Blasphemy, get out internet scum. "
Be nice. I think you scared him away because I don't see anyone with that name lol.
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@Video_Game_King said:
" Um, it doesn't look fundamentally different from Pokémon. Not that there's anything wrong with that; just don't say that it's a new battle system in the front page description. "
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*clever and exaggerated comment about how fantastic it is* 

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@H2Oyea said:
" Why does the cheese scream mailbag link lead to the main video page (currently this page). "
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Holy fuck that looks awesome.

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@hematurge said:
" @Pox22 said:
"So why not a question of the month and make a contest out of it?  We always got the best submissions when there was something to win. "
This, or kill it. "
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Not really sure what Jeff was talking about with the map. It doesn't tell you what's new because it's easy to see which ones are lit up and which are grayed out. You just pick from the lit up ones unless you didn't get gold, but it's not really a tough game and I personally love the driving enough to repeat events if I happen to get silver or bronze instead.

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@mattjam3000 said:
" Yes please! "
@noshitsherlock said:
" More Korea coverage yay! "
@MosesWalker said:
" Cool been waiting for this "
@buhssuht said:
" that is one huge rice cooker "