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Dragon Age for me. I'm only like 7 hours in but it's been incredible so far. Feels like exactly the kind of game I've been looking for. Not to mention it's been my late holy-shit-this-is-next-gen moment due to my 970 arriving yesterday. 'Game looks fantastic.

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Overall I can't tell if this year being disappointing was the games or me, but in between the games I absolutely adored (Hearthstone, Dark Souls II, Dragon Age) it's been so dry.

I was pumped for Shadows of Mordor, but it was such a let down that I reeeally wish Steam had a return policy. Also I just started The Crew, but all that resulted in was a re-download of Burnout: Paradise. At least that was free with my new video card.

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@jeust: This is exactly it. I watched the whole thing nodding my head along in agreement. Thanks for linking that. Great stuff.

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@twisted said:

I'll often end up staring at it for a little while until I just play nothing and look at dumb shit on the internet until I go to bed, feeling like I've wasted the night.

God, do I know that feeling. I hate it but I end up doing it all the time anyway. Ugh.

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@mannymar said:

When choices are limited most tend to have the urge to make the most of their decision, but once you're able to freely choose people have the tendency to put things on the back burner. It's human nature. People will crave freedom when it's fleeting, and they're willing to give it up when it becomes abundant.

Although I haven't watched the video @jeust posted, I'll assume this is what that video addresses.

Sounds exactly right. I'm finding more and more that 'everything in moderation' is something I really ought to be considering, in all aspects of life. Now I just need a solid way to stick to that..

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I kinda have the same feelings towards Netfllix and Amazon Instant. I was wanting to watch a movie earlier tonight and scrolled through my watchlists on both services. Hundreds of films, I didn't want to watch any of them, put on crappy TV instead. I have the same feelings as you towards Steam, so part of the reason why I was excited to get a PS4 this week was to start with just a couple of games to play on it, though that may not last.

I've noticed it with other things, too. Netflix, Steam, even Spotify. I'm all for on demand content, but I think I abuse it without realizing. When all choices are a button press away, I just get in this infinite loop of, "Well, I could probably find something better.."

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I think limiting yourself to one game may still leave you wanting and unsatisfied. Why don't you give yourself a little time off from gaming? When you want to play something after the break, you won't think "I want to play games." but instead think "I wish I was playing (blank)." Basically, I think you are going to the gaming fridge full.

It's funny.. I've thought about and had taking a break suggested to me before a few times, but either I'm addicted to games on a whole other level or I'm just way too single-minded. Nothing else seems as fun to me. I guess that's why I do the refrigerator thing as often as I do. A break would probably be good for me, now that I think about it.

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I'm sure many of us have experienced the refrigerator phenomenon with our game libraries (Steam being a particularly big offender). You browse through the list, mentally turning down each game, one by one. Nothing seem to be able to scratch that itch. I've found myself doing this way too much recently, and it got me thinking.

When I was younger, I had my gameboy with any given pokemon game 1st-3rd gen to fill the lone slot. When I upgraded to my PSP, same story. There was usually a game at a time that I played the shit out of and enjoyed immensely. I played on the bus to and from school, while I was being dragged along by my mom for all her errands, and even at home a lot of the time. I appreciated those games because I had usually only one to play at a time, and it was the only thing I had to keep me occupied.

Now I have this sprawling library, with more games of any type I desire a button press away. And I don't want to play any of them because they're just not good enough. I've been spoiled.

I'm thinking I'm going to try something where I pick a game and say, "If I'm going to play a game, this is the only one that I'm allowed to play." It may be a bit ridiculous but I think it just might work.


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Rogue Legacy is a good choice if you haven't played it. Zelda, any of them, is another possibility.

Howso for Zelda? I've never played one, but have heard various things over the years so I'm curious.

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@nentisys: PC and 360 are what I play most on/prefer, though I do have a DS, as well.