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It had it's funny moments, but overall it wasn't worth the time in my opinion. The whole idea of it and the struggle of keeping it on the Bombcast was pretty funny, but in reality the segment itself wasn't entertaining most of the time.

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I checked out the first 2 episodes and I felt really weird. It is just a normal girls cartoon, there aren't really any outstanding qualities to the show. Then I think about all the people who constantly reference this show and act like it is the best thing to happen to moving pictures since Buster Keaton and I am a little weirded out. I need somebody who is better with words to explain this shows appeal.

Hey , why is this show so popular? Is it basically the same thing as the attraction to redheads (that is skeezy viewers for what is essentially a fetish)?

I don't have better words to explain the appeal, but every time someone comes along and says "I watched the first couple of episodes and didn't understand why people say it's so awesome," I cringe horribly. Those first episodes are something you should watch after you have decided that you like the show and want to go through and watch the episodes in order. Some people say you can't appreciate episodes like this one without knowing the characters (which I agree with to a certain extent), but try this one instead:

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If I'm playing my PS3 I'm sitting on my couch across the living room from my 42" plasma.

If I'm on my PC I have a pretty comfy office type chair with 28" and 22" monitors. Shitty Dell mouse and keyboard, though.

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Googled how you would have to go about doing this, i'm sure there are travel agencies you can contact to help you with the process, i would be worried about getting caught in a cultural misunderstanding, the Koreans don't mess around so even if you're there legally they could still find grounds to send you to a camp somewhere for 10 years.

From the US State dept.

ENTRY / EXIT REQUIREMENTS FOR U.S. CITIZENS: Travel by U.S. citizens to North Korea is not routine, and U.S. citizens crossing into North Korea without proper documentation have been subject to arrest and long-term detention.You are required to have a valid passport and a valid North Korean visa to enter the DPRK. The U.S. government does not issue letters to private U.S. citizens seeking North Korean visas. If you are entering and departing North Korea through China, you must also obtain a multiple-entry visa for China, because a valid Chinese visa is required to leave North Korea at the conclusion of your visit. Routine travel from South Korea to North Korea is currently prohibited. Travel across the demilitarized zone (DMZ) is allowed only infrequently for official and government-authorized cultural and economic exchanges or aid shipments. There are no regularly operating direct commercial flights between South and North Korea.
If you arrive in North Korea without a valid passport and a valid North Korean visa, you may be detained, arrested, imprisoned, fined, or denied entry. The government of North Korea imposes heavy fines and long prison sentences with hard labor on persons who enter the country without the proper documentation. Even with the proper documentation, visitors are subject to arbitrary arrest and imprisonment and may not receive appropriate legal protection against inhumane treatment. North Korea's penalties for knowingly or unknowingly violating North Korean laws are much harsher than are those in the United States for similar offenses.

Thanks for posting this. Had no idea. Also, South Korea > North Korea.

If you're going to believe that bit of made-up nonsense then you really are gullible. Make up your own mind without having to resort to propaganda.

You do know that the US/South Korea and North Korea are technically still at war right?

Really? Oh that's a relief, therefore we can believe everything the media and US Government tell us as there is no propaganda during wars and everything they say is fact. Thanks for clearing that up, yeah the rest of the world is evil dude.

I think the funniest part about this whole thing is that there is actually a dude somewhere behind a screen taking the time to troll the entirety of Giant Bomb and actually sees it as a valuable use of time. Either way, troll successful.

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This can only end well.

And besides, baseball is probably the most boring thing I've ever watched. Much more-so than soccer.

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Damn you apple and your insane volumes but thanks for making good earphones. :>

At the time I was heavily listening to my iPod I went through like a pair of those every month, maybe less than that, just due to a single earphone of the pair getting slowly quieter until it was silent. What magic Apple headphones did you buy?

But no, I've never injured myself due to an unexpected level of earphone volume.

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Being picky isn't necessarily a bad thing. That said, I think too many people judge things without giving them a chance. I'm about as picky as they come, but I'll never label a game or franchise as bad without actually giving it a chance and playing it. I'd even say I have a lot of general disinterest for some franchises but I would never say they "suck" without giving them a fair shake.

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I think you aren't completely off, but it's like when people complain about Kinect or dumb games for the Wii - the development of those games doesn't have to mean there will be any less of the "hardcore" games people like you enjoy.

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I'm personally a fan of foot, nuclear bomb, cockroach. Paper can be a thing of the past!

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Hello humble editors of giant bomb, I dream of seeing you guys do a Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings review; if you guys make this dream come true, I will please you in ways not even imagineable to the human mind. Thank you kindly-fat hairy guy. PS: seriously though it would be incredibly awesome of you! anyone with me on this?

All other reviews I have seen more or less its the same game just the graphics tones down. They do not often do reviews of games that are the same. They did it for dragon age because of the mass difference. They covered the 360 pad control in their quicklook of the normal game. If you have any interest in the game and cant run it on PC get the game. I loved it and gonna do a second run tomorrow.

I haven't played any of these examples so I could be mistaken, but when they review games like Unchated 3, Modern Warfare 3, and Gears of War 3 I find it hard to sum it up that way.