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That happened to me on one specific recording up until 2 days after it was posted, then it magically started working again. I also tried multiple browsers and reinstalling flash with no luck. Looks like it's just a waiting game for you now. Also, just listen the the audio-only versions, but not for the last one if you weren't watching the live stream. That one is really better when you can see it for yourself. Boobs, <>, and mysterious pizzas.

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Fuck yeah! I was the first one to type "<>" into the live stream chat.

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@billyhoush said:

" If you haven't played BC2 on the EA account you are using, you wont be able to play until the 21st. "

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@buzz_clik said:
I laughed REAL hard at that. Bravo. 
But, I guess it's partly because I stayed up to watch the 3 FUCKING HOUR STREAM. 
lulz im tired 
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@miningguyx360 said:
" If you can turn off the "nerdiness" then your not a nerd "
Never thought of it that way, but if that's true, I bet the majority of the people who said yes to this poll could change their answer. I know I could.
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@NoXious said:
" Your history betrays you - you are a douchebag and probably lucky that moderators are so lenient.And the superiority complex doesn't do you any good, a website on the internet is littered with IT crowd so it doesn't make you special.EDIT: And I laughed, you said sophisticated and C# in a single line. GTFO. "
This is all true and you win this thread for best comment. I lol'd :P
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@marrec said:
" @tdk08 said:
" Kevin Butler is the voice of a generation. "
A commercial is the voice of a generation? I like the guy and all, but he is the voice of Sony, not me. "
Thou shalt not speak such blasphemy towards the Butler. I BANISH YOU FROM TEH INTERNETZ!!!
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