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No posts in this forum? I am disapointed, duders. 
Anyone know what the origin of name "Plumbob," is? Love to hear it :D
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@brainboy77 said:
" ok new direction: should i watch the bombcast or not? as a means other than torture? "
Not the others, but definitely the last one. It is essential to the <> experience.
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@SJSchmidt93 said:
" ♦ "
Stop spreadin' that shit around. You'll anger Jeff and his super version: \<>/
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@Tebbit said:
You think that's cool? Check THIS out:  \<>/ "
Patented: You now owe eldiax 5 <>'s. 
@eldiax said:
Jeff's is a kind of a metal variation:  \<>/ "
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Funny that I've never played anything more than a demo of all of these games. Giant Bomb's reviews have more of an effect on what I buy than I thought.

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That happened to me on one specific recording up until 2 days after it was posted, then it magically started working again. I also tried multiple browsers and reinstalling flash with no luck. Looks like it's just a waiting game for you now. Also, just listen the the audio-only versions, but not for the last one if you weren't watching the live stream. That one is really better when you can see it for yourself. Boobs, <>, and mysterious pizzas.